First time trying Aneros Helix Trident – orgasm out of this world

Hi there,

Since I used reddit a lot to figure out how to use the aneros and get some advices on how to make my first time memorable, figured I would share my experience with you.

– I’m a 29yo straight curious male
– together with my wife, we’re pretty much open minded. We’ve been introducing new kinks in the bedroom. I always wanted to experience a prostate orgasm, and she was open to help me achieve this. While we fuck she would rim me with her finger and sometimes put it in. I never really enjoyed her doing it since I myself couldnt enjoy it with my own finger.
– I’ve tried anal play multiple times (by myself): fingers, wife’s rabbit vibrator, benwa balls – I could never fully enjoy prostate play but kept trying occasionally for a year. I did get some enjoyment with benwa balls and finger, but not as amazing as I read on other reddit posts
– I decided to buy a toy that is actually made for my prostate and the guy at the store strongly recommended the Aneros as people claimed to have had 2 hours long orgasm and so on. I was skeptical, but still decided to give it a try.

First time: worth mentioning that I avoided touching the penis as a lot of people suggested. Not sure why so if someone could clarify that would help.

– I made sure to clean inside of me then put on some lube and next the aneros in (during work from home hours)
– It was not enjoyable and could not really focus on getting pleasure. Sitting on a chair also makes it hurt a bit. I removed it.

– after work (6pm), I made sure to smoke 420 as folks in this thread suggested. I relaxed and laid down while watching tv with wife. It was nice but I wasnt horny.

– 7pm weed started to hit and I realized that I needed to be alone to turn myself on. Went to my room laid down on my back and started contracting my ass muscle: great feeling – when contracting without body movement, it creates a vibration sensation that goes from but hole all the way to inside (behind my penis) – when contracting while moving/pushing down my but against the bed, it felt like penetration. What was surprising is that I could feel different level of penetration (deep, small, wide, thin) based on the strenght of my contraction and the type of movement I performed with my butt. It really felt like I had different size and shape of dildo that I could alternate. I think it’s thanks to the fact that Aneros has 2 little outside arms that sits on both perineum and coccyx – those little arms creates the thrusting/back and forth sensation.

– 8pm I started to grind on the bed (still laid flat on my back) and pleasure started to become more intense as I imagined that I was being penetrated by an actual dick (gf pegging and male friend)… Which bring me to my question:
**** is it normal that as a straight guy I had that thought ? What possible thoughts can go through a straight guy withthat kind of sensation lol. I’m bi keaning straight, so I’ve had experiences with other guys but never anal.
****is this the same feeling someone gets from getting a dick in the ass ? Does it mean that I would enjoy it ?

– 8h30 pm: I dick is super hard and leaking precum as never before. I got close to coming 3 times but it really felt like 3 orgasm without cum. My dick would get rock hard. I had to take a 2 min break between each since I went a bit too strong with mix of contraction and ass movement (guess I pictured a big dick in my butt). It’s like my prostate was asking for a pause to breath lol

– 9pm – I start grinding against the bed and from time to time my ass would shake by itself even when I would pause. Great sensation and at one point I stop to pause but my body wont stop and I start getting such a huge head rush – its like I’m cumming when I haven’f actually came… then Boom! My cock start dripping a big ton of come and the head rush last for about 30 sec. Although the orgasm was amazingly insane, the tipping point of orgasm only lasted a second or 2 max:
**** Did I do something wrong ? Would it be possible for that tipping point to last longer ? I cant imagine how this could be possible.. would make me moan like a real slut.

9h15pm: I came I saw I conquered… removed toy from my ass and went to eat a good meal.

Overall: first time went amazing – mainly because of me doing my homework, reading about others’ experience and advice. However, I’m wondering if this could get more intense and what should I do to achieve this?
*** if you could share your most amazing experience with Aneros, what you did to achieve it: position, movement, context etc…

I can’t wait to try it again. Apparently its best to wait a few days in between sessions.



  1. I just found this page while looking for advice on prostate toys and stimulation, I am straight/bi-curious and have done some experimentation but with little success. This post just made me want to buy one of these ASAP

  2. You should really try []( It’s great for beginners and experienced people. I use it to relax (since I’m not interested in weed) as well. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your expectations in check. If you’re going in thinking you’re going to have the super-o, you’re setting yourself up for labour. It’s a long journey (still on it), but it’s great.

    My best position is on my back. I used to go side but my dick would rub against the towel I was on which would cause me to cum (but those are the best ejaculation orgasms). I also can’t say I ever imagined thinking of being penetrated by a real dick (pegging for sure though), but if that thought helps you, then you should use it

  3. In case you care and was wondering about my Aneros journey:

    Update on my second sesion: it didn’t go well and could not get horny by myself (probably because of overthinking, too soon, too many expectations).

    When wife git back home, asked her to help me out. Started kissing, and boob play then she bit my neck and nipple then sucked me. I got turned on and then we fucked. Suprisingly, I lasted for a long time – even after she came. I started to feel intense penile pleasure while grinding my but against the couch and my dick inside of her. The source of pleasure wasnt exactly from my prostate and it just felt so good and I started to get intense tingling sensation on my hands… like super intense tingling and I just lost control and submitted myself to these sensations… I tried my best to make it last as I figured these feelings were a start and would eventually lead to P-waves… unfortunately it was just too much and I came a shit-load of cum inside her… like super huge load. That orgasm was probably one of the best penile orgasm I’ve had… it lasted a good 20 sec where I could feel intense sensitivity “positive” on my dick (different from unbearable sensitivity from usual penile orgasm)… I couldnt help but moan like a little bitch. I’m a bit disappointed at not reaching pwaves or pgasm… however, it was still an amazing orgasm – definitely worth it still…

    Maybe if I have time for myself and by myself, this weekend I’ll try again. Not giving up yet – so far I’m still learning sensation and intensity levels I didnt know I could reach. So it’s positive 🙃

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