Grooming/hair management

I generally keep things trimmed low and then will shave the balls to back door. I don’t go completely bald around the butt cheeks and anus, and sometime feel like I should for better sessions.

What are your grooming/trimming habits?

Have you found one is better than the other for enjoying your session, hairy vs bald?



  1. It’s a personal choice I shave it all off every day so it only takes 2 minutes in the shower. I find it feels cleaner, also makes your penis look bigger

  2. Been shaving down there for years, love the feel of hairless balls and anus, smooth and sensitive to the slightest touch is just great!

  3. It’s cleaner no loose hair and you have it easier to get your partner to give you a blowjob and go deep as well as ball liking and sucking. Your cock also appears to be longer and bigger. Going by the fact that the people in our time since the 90s are mostly into shaving and do it regularly.

    A reason not to shave would be besides the stronger smell and the hairy look would be the possibility to use the pubes as a clit stimulator.

  4. I shave everything every other day. 20yrs ago it was a request from my wife and now it’s a requirement from her. And I’ve grown to love it. Check my profile for pics on other subs.

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