NJOY Pure wand, A tale from the land of O.

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The pure wand is big solid heavy and beautiful to look at and touch with it’s highly polished medical grade steel reflecting back the first time users (me in this case) slightly apprehensive face.

Comparison to Progasm Ice
Totally different size wise. Until recently I found the progasm too big for me, but of late have come to love the full feeling it gives and the orgasms that come with it. Looking at both I note that other than the rounded tips of the NJOY the overall girth of the NJOY is smaller than the Progasm, so other than initial insertion and removal the NJOYS Size shouldn’t give anyone used to Progasm sized toys any great difficulty.
Being surgical steel it actually uses less lube than the progasm in my so far limited experience anyway.

My First Ride on NJOY Pure Wand.
Looking at this long heavy steel piece of art, I decided that there was no way my butt was tackling that without a little Weed and some poppers (at start of session). This not so much for the size factor but more the hesitancy at trying something more active and less passive than an Aneros.
Apply coconut oil to NJOY and a little inside my ass.
Do a little nipple play to warm up.
Short snort of poppers. Insert small end of NJOY gently and slowly.
Am lying on back, knees drawn up and feet flat. Gently slide NJOY in with very light pressure applied… looking for…. and there my prostate is… ok slide past it slowly…. nice.. pause…. back over it towards anus…. back and forth….. very nice…. bring knees together to allow my thighs to brace the large end of the NJOY which is now pretty much bang over my prostate, hands are now free for nipple play… gently tweak and brush belly breast and nipples…. light attempt at a roll contraction… can feel my prostate rocking over and around the NJOYS rounded end… PWAVE… followed by MORE followed by OMG PGASM… followed by a non stop series of orgasms, not quite as earth shattering as I have with a Progasm but more frequent and requiring zero effort to have.
Round 1.5 – The big end of the NJOY. Ok. I may be a size queen.
This is a big ask for my butt. More lube. Relax a lot. Breathing slow… push gently and very slowly… so … stretch.. breath… I feel so full… IN. Pause. Slowly push a little more in… very gently over my already swollen prostate with no pressure.. WOW… ORGASM so hard so oh shit another… more… more… Nobody is home… low moaning groan… waves rushing out from my prostate.. legs belly spine all the way up to my face and fingertips, ebbing surging, cock now feels like it’s tingling (but it’s semi flaccid only) with the same waves running up and down it…. push past prostate.. hold… come back so the ball of the NJOY is against the most internal side of my prostate…. push slightly like trying to push out PEE.. hold.. and same mind bending orgasm as before but far longer… 2 hours pass… only slowing to a stop because my alarm went off and I don’t want people coming home to a screaming moaning mess who can’t walk.

Round two – To see if 1 and 1.5 were a fluke. They weren’t.
Being over brave I started with the big end today. Similar great results but In hindsight I’d recommend warming up with small end as it’s less of a savage shock than jumping onto the big boys end.
As with yesterdays first session I am still having little aftershocks and if I touch my nipples it’s instant ALESS/NJOYless orgasm time….

Conclusions / Summary:
Pro’s – Long enough and big enough to reach anyone’s prostate (or G spot I suppose) from either side, great to hold and look at and the ultimate in low maintenance or cleaning. Will happily reduce a prostate owner to a total spasming mess and then do the same to a GSPOT Owner, so it’s Gender Flexible in the extreme.
Cons – Expensive compared to most Aneros products. Intimidating as all hell if you’re NOT used to Anal insertion and associated prostate based pleasures. Heavy.

Well I hope I’ve been somewhat coherent thus far.
I don’t think the NJOY Pure wand would suit someone who hasn’t managed at least PWAVES or has become used to anal play.. I’d not suggest it for beginners personally and would thoroughly recommend anyone start with an Aneros toy to get a feel for the whole prostate stimulation PWAVE / PGASM / Super O idea.
If you’ve had some Aneros success I think you will love the Pure Wand – you don’t HAVE to actively move it but you can if you want to.
For me taking a semi passive play role on my back with one end of the NJOY between my thighs allows me to either hump the NJOY or do contractions to roll my prostate over the bulbous end that’s in doing the work, being able vary the depth and angle so quickly is great and I’m yet to try a lot of positions that I’ve read of so like the Aneros journey, learning how to fuck and be fucked by the NJOY is a learning curve.

TLDR – If experienced get one of these. If not start with Aneros and save up for an NJOY Pure Wand. I did look at the Amazon knock off versions, but decided to pay for the real deal.

Closing words – I need a cold drink because my throat is sore from gasping screaming and moaning and I need to stop thinking about the powerful hunk of steel that has savaged me to my core…. typing this missive is distracting in the extreme and I have to stop… somewhere.. good luck out there prostate havers have many orgasms and be happy 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/m88bca/njoy_pure_wand_a_tale_from_the_land_of_o/


  1. EDIT / Addendum – There are a lot of people who posted reviews on the web who didn’t really get much from the NJOY (males anyway), so buying one of these is not a cheap or casual thing.
    Then again there are plenty who found it rocked their world.
    Hence me saying I think an NJOY suits someone who’s made some prostate play progress already, then again an NJOY owner can always come back to it when they feel ready.
    I’ll shut up now. Sorry folks.

  2. Just commenting to point out that there is a subreddit for /r/njoytoys btw 🙂 There is a sub for everythinggg!

  3. NJoy is a great toy for prostate play! I like it more than dildos. The stainless steel is much smoother than silicone and the fact that it gets narrow really allows me to thrust with it. When I involuntary clench, dildos tend to get stuck due to the resistance despite the amount of lube. The nJoy also has the nice advantage of being heavy so even subtle rocking/teasing is very noticeable; you don’t need to thrust to feel good.

  4. That sounds amazing PAntsyr (and entertaining as hell to read too, as ever).

    You give me a thought though. Perhaps this could be used by you & wife at the SAME TIME? Imagine a scissoring position. one end in you the other side given to her? As you know i’m (100%) gay so my first hand knowledge of the female reproductive anatomy is non-existent…LOL but could be worth a try?

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