How do you go into a session without expectations?

People have posted that going into a session with no expectations is the greatest way to induce super o’s.

But what does that mean exactly? When you go into any session, in the BACK of your mind, you ARE expecting/hoping for an orgasm. Right? How do you expect nothing when you secretly are?

Please explain.



  1. I think it’s more a question of being open to whatever happens, without a preconceived idea of what you are expecting. Just relaxed and open to whatever comes, letting your body just go and not trying to control it’s response in any way.

  2. 2nd BMS comment. Reeddoubler has it dead right. Thinking sexy tgoughts helps too…

  3. When you sit down to meditate so you expect enlightenment or do you see where it takes you, try to relax and enjoy living in the moment?

    I’ve learned that porn can either distract or amplify. Focus on the feelings around the prostate and move forward from there, know how you create each sensation and have the muscle strength and dexterity to do what you want

  4. I expect it to be pleasurable and fun, but I’m not expecting any specific thing to happen. If I haven’t achieved an orgasm by the time I’m ready to stop, I’ll just finish off normally and it will feel amazing, much more drawn out and intense. Knowning that I can guarantee that removes the expectations.

    May I suggest /u/kinkyshibby ‘s Super Slut O? It has a part about releasing expections but is targeted towards being submissive.

  5. It’s indeed the most difficult part of the journey!

    But, as you become more familiar with the reactions of your body, it becomes more and more easy to understand.

  6. That’s a tough one to answer, it’s like the question of “how to let go”. I often feel that language can only submit so much to another person, one has to kinda experience it themselves. I am sure that a lot of people have some sort of expectations before or while performing a session; and i feel like that is totally normal and not really avoidable. What i feel is important however, not to get completely “consumed” or “obsessed” by these expectations and to move away from a goal oriented mindset. Because really, you won’t gain anything besides being mindful and in the present moment. Overanalizing, or being stuck in your own thoughts is what keeps you from progressing. We humans are good at something if our focus is in the moment but if we get distracted by random thoughts, we can not fully embrace the experience.

  7. Well I’ve never really had a bad time playing with my ass. Maybe a time or two when I didn’t really have the time I needed to have a good session. But other than that I never regret sticking stuff up my butt, even if I don’t get the big O

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