Still feeling effects after session

Hi, so I’ve had an aneros for about a year now, been playing with it on and off but never really properly read into how to get the most out of it or anything. Basically I use it sometimes because stroking my dick with it in feels amazing.

Tonight I decided to have a long session and I didn’t orgasm but it was great, the amount of pressure I could feel building was much heavier than normal. I got tired and ended the session a few hours ago, had a break then break then decided to edge for a bit, but my prostate is still throbbing like it was when the toy was in and I’ve still got that pressure feeling as if I really need to pee.

So my question is basically should I be worried? Or is this part of the process of getting to this ‘super-o’ I’ve heard so much about, and I just stopped before I got there?


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