First time having multiple prostate orgasms over an hour

If you look at my previous post, you will see that I am a pretty experienced user, but the past several months I had hit a wall and wasn’t getting results. Today I decided to switch up to the previous lube I was using and instantly got results. I set a 15 minute timer on my phone which I reset 4 more times. Within the first few minutes I was having really nice p waves. At about 10 minutes in I have a massive short p wave that makes me moan out followed 5 minutes of pwaves. Minutes 15-30 were just nice buzzing and p waves but right at the 30 minute mark I just had this rush of bliss around my prostate. Jolts of electricity sporadically firing through my legs. My cock hard was as a rock and was pumping up and down. It felt the point of no return but it just stayed there for probably 5 minutes straight. Things tapered down and right around the 45 minute mark, I have another smaller prostate orgasm.

It is hard to put an exact time line on it as its difficult to gauge time when you are in bliss. I would say the first orgasm was damn good, the second one was amazing, and then third was about the same as the first. The sensations started to die down after an hour and I called it quits. My muscles were getting tired and my prostate was less sensitive. The pleasure is very cyclical, it goes up and down but the baseline increases after every peak. Every time you start to get tense, you remind yourself to relax as it make the pwaves more pronounced and last longer.

Might I add prostate orgasms are orgasms, but I think the distinction should be made between ejaculatory orgasms and prostate orgasms. Ejaculatory orgasms are a huge release of pressure followed by a refractory period. Prostate orgasms are just extremely intense peaks of p-waves. While I definitely feel sexually fulfilled, I don’t have that post-nut chemical feeling that you get with the refractory period. Im satisfied but my sexual energy is still there.

Very happy and with practice its only going to get more intense.



  1. did u follow any audio or anything? i’m having a hard time getting a rhythm down

  2. You described it well. “Point of no return but you just stay there.” This is my experience during a good session, just minutes of torturous orgasm. I’ve had to learn to relax into it and not expect a release

  3. Any secret how to get there? I just had shivers and some involuntary shaking … doubt that was a pwave…. it didn’t feel like pleasure in the orgasmic sense… if I just lay in bed with the Helix in nothing happens for an hour…. do nothing doesn’t seem to work for me?

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