Progress update and questions. Lightly caressing my balls felt amazing, could that lead to orgasm?

I’ve been using aneros toys for about 7 months now but not that many sessions, somewhere around 15 sessions now.

I used a helix classic at first but it was too much pressure. So I got a eupho syn due to its size and I’ve made a lot of progress – some great feelings of pleasure, sometimes feeling like I’m right on the edge of a really big orgasm that just doesn’t cum. I’ve even felt intoxicated and then had much improved traditional orgasms after I take the toy out at the end of a session.

A minority of times too, I start to get feelings across my body. They can be subtle at times but I definitely feel them, these can sometimes lead to what feels like a sudden, whole body build up. It’s very intense and feels quite frightening, when it happens, it actually snaps me out of it and it feels like whatever was going to happen, doesn’t.

I got an MGX syn to switch things up a little and the extra pressure definitely gave the session a different flavour last night. I’ve recently started to feel sensations in my abs that sometimes feels like my prostate ‘tensing’ up, as if it’s hard like my cock almost. Last night it was like that feeling spread further, like I had butterflies in my abs.

I also got that crazy buildup feeling that was pretty scary! Still not quite sure what to make of it.

What do you guys make of my progress so far?

As the title states, I experimented with caressing my balls – by which I mean lightly touching the soft skin on my balls. I was so sensitive that I could stimulate that as if it were like my frenulum almost. The pleasure was great, but it made it feel very genital focused. Do you guys think this is a help or a hinderance when it comes to having prostate orgasms?

Thanks for reading this far, we have a great community here.


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  1. Sounds to me like you’re well on the way to a PGASM.
    It is a little scary as it’s not something genital focused and IS a groin and whole body thing. Let go. Accept it. Enjoy what your body is doing. The balls thing is interesting – hadn’t noticed it myself but will try touching them in todays session.
    I don’t touch my genitals at all in an Aneros session – but there’s nothing wrong with doing so if it gets you ‘there’ IMHO.
    And yes – this is a great community with lots of advice and resources.
    I must say for only 15 sessions over 7 months I think you’ve made great progress. Well done.

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