1. Take it slow, take time to relax before, and enjoy all the different sensations.

    This kind of play is more about the journey than the finish….but the finish can be mind-blowing with some practice.

  2. You control the toy with your sphincter and PC muscles mainly through involuntary contractions. Lots of people like the lessons at mindgasm.net.

    The best way I describe what I do is tighten both muscles about 80% (you don’t want to go to super hard) and slowly relax my PC muscle until I feel the toy flutter (maintain tension on sphincter muscle as best as possible.) Then I just hold that as long as I can while taking slow, deep breaths. I usually will start to involuntarily contact all my muscles. I try to maintain the PC and sphincter muscle tension as best I can. At some point, I’ll fully relax. Then I take a few deep breaths and start again.

    This is only easy to do if you know what your prostate being pressed on feels like. Once you locate it and get used to the “sweet spot” feelings, it will become easier.

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