Think I found my Prostate!!!

…at least I think I did… It felt great and my dick was leaking a LOT of pre-cum. (Keep in mind I have MS and have not cum in over a year…Most strive for a dry orgasm…. my goal is far from that! I want the cum!!

So it’s been months since I got my Aneros Progasm Jr and I have read and tried everything. For the most part I now just wear it during the day or when I take walks. Walking with it in me is pleasurable… just it’s not hitting the right spot.

So how did I find it?

1. Crazy enough by using a “Perfect Fitness Massage Cane” found at Walmart. My logic in buying it was to help me 1st find my prostate so I could recognize the feeling and start “training” my prostate so I could use my Aeros.
2. I did it in a tub! I was always trying to massage myself laying on my side. After talking to my Urologist she said the best way to find it is laying on you back as it hangs down better against the “roof” of your anus. I also did it in the tube as I found I excrete a lot of mucus. (I’d be a gay guys dream as I really can use lube as it REALLY makes a mess. Found that all I need is a little spit to help enter myself and then the natural lubricant takes over.
3. I started “mapping” my ass out. Each session going a bit deeper. The Urologist swore its only a finger length in. (keep in mind that in all my attempt to find it I bought a fat 9″ dildo…it did feel good when I buried it in me and I was impressed I could take the whole thing, but I know I was missing the spot.) Anyhow, I started mapping my ass out. Each time going deeper, each time starting slowly , slowing pressing harder, each time trying for at least n hour, then calling it quits.
4. This time (15 min ago…yes I’m excited to share) I felt like I hit a nerve-ending deeper then most describe (about 5″in). Soft rubbing did not seem to do much so I pressed harder. I could feel something working its way up my dick…so I worked to relax and not think of my dick. …this got me wanting to rub faster. THIS IS WHEN I SAW IT!! White “sticky” fluid coming out of the tip! So I kept going. It kept oozing, but not like what you see in milking videos with it dripping in quantities

So my goals now are reproduce what I did today… try to massage lightly…try to relax more… try to not focus on my dick… enjoy the sensation in my ass, enjoy the tingling down my legs.

I will update when I get to the next level and orgasm from this.

Posted this long message because I see how many try to find their prostate with no success… I too was discouraged. Had to post so others don’t give up hope and keep trying.

The Dude



  1. I’ve found that getting fairly aroused first really helps. My prostate is much easier to find and is much more pleasurable after some wedding than just going for it.

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