1. My guess would be not safe. Some of them might be made out of cheap brittle plastics that may break while the device is in your butt or may cause skin irritation. Best to go the real ones.

  2. I’m astounded at the quality of the Aneros fabrications.
    Frankly 60 bucks is not too much for something I’m going to jam in my ass… My soft tender anus and rectum. My ass would probably hate me if I spent less on it

  3. I paid nearly £50 for my Aneros.

    I see toys on eBay identical for under a tenner.

    I think i’ll buy one and report back.

  4. I would only get alternatives from actual good sellers with a good reputation. Don’t touch anything that’s made in China as it’s all garbage

  5. I bought a couple, and they feel pretty high quality. And they certainly did the job. I bought them as a way to test the aneros, though, so I’ll be buying the real deal now I know it works.

    I made a post about it, but it got removed, probably because I have no karma.

  6. https://imgur.com/a/guysdHj

    i bought 2 of these out of curiosity and both had defects… and i got refunded by Ali.

    They also had a seam in the middle… the camera couldn’t focus but i could feel it by tracing my finger. Maybe you could use them with a condom, otherwise you risk hurting the rectal lining. Still dangerous because if the seam doesn’t hold, they toy will break in the middle.

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