First time user – so many choices

Hi all, hopefully somebody can help, I’m just checking out all the Aneros products online and I feel a bit spoilt for choice to be honest, haha! I was wondering if anyone can help recommend a model for someone who has a fair bit of anal experience (likely intermediate level)? Really I’m looking to find out the best model for the most success in achieving Pgasm, and whether or not to go for a standard or vibrating one. I’ve seen a lot of videos of people able to orgasm without the vibration, I’m just wondering if people find the vibration helpful and pleasurable or distracting? Also i’m not quite sure whether to go for a black, white or ice option, does anybody have any feedback on which material is best for helping you achieve Pgasm? Thanks for any tips and advice!



  1. Honestly with enough practice any model can work, I’m a noob too. I posted a similar post to this. I ended up going with the Helix trident. It seems like beginner to intermediate and people have said good things about it

  2. Like said in another post the aneros Helix is a good choice. Also get the white plastic aneros. Why ? It moves better than the syn and you can use different kinds of lubes with it. Don’t let the size fool you. Size isn’t everything. But movement sure is.

  3. Start with a model like the Helix or the MGX. Stick with the Classic or Trident series. The arms on the Syn series are super flimsy and actually hinder the experience for me. You can move up to other models once you have more experience and are getting good feelings out for your first one.

    For reference, I have a Helix Classic, MGX classic, Helix trident, Prograsm Ice, Peredise, and a Helix Syn. I’ve used my Helix Classic and MGX classic the most out of all of them.

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