Taking the dive

After spending most of my afternoon researching, reading through comments and the awesome advice you guys gave me on my previous post i think i’m just going to go for it. In the end i think i might go for the Trident MGX as the reviews show it’s popular and i think it would be best suited to me. My other option was the Helix Syn trident but i have a feeling i’ll prefer the plastic material of the MGX over the silicone Syn as i think it’ll move a little easier inside me. Although saying that the slightly more curved edge of the Helix makes me think it might hit the spot better. Honestly i’m conflicted haha. Any final pieces of advice or tips? Am i making the right decision?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/mktf0y/taking_the_dive/


  1. You really can’t go wrong with that model. When I first started it was the one I had the most consistent success with.

  2. If you’re like most guys you’ll own several within a year or two.

  3. If you’re buying direct from Aneros, then you can save some money & do their CompariSyn bundle and get the Helix Syn & trident MGX for $99. Pretty good deal

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