Prone Position Dangerous?

Hello r/Aneros, does anyone frequently use the prone position while playing with their Anerous? Positioning is one area which I’m still experimenting with in my practice and I had one powerful session in which I was prone with my hips propped up with a pillow. Sadly I cut the session short because I started to worry that the position could damage my penis much like [prone masturbation]( I had done this type of masturbation years ago without knowing the risks, when I got into NoFap and discovered about how much damage it had done to people who frequently used it, I never did it again.

I’m wondering if anyone knows if the prone position is dangerous to use the Anerous in? Does having the pillow, which is preventing the full bodyweight compressing the root of the penis, prevent the damaging effects of the aforenoted masturbation practice?



  1. I find lying on my back the most advantageous, and it puts no pressure on your cock.

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