Trial 1

I’m mainly a top but I’ve bottomed before a few times. Just got out of a relationship and wanted to go back and explore more of my vers side, specially prostate stimulation. The couple of times I’ve had someone do prostate focused stuff on me I lost my mind in the ecstasy.

Got my aneros yesterday and prepped all week waiting for delivery. I usually have precum a little bit, usually pretty liquidy, but after an hour with aneros I had a puddle of thick, lube like precum on my belly. ?

On the rare chance I did bottom I def enjoy the “filled” feeling as well as prostate stimulation. I guess with aneros it’s more like being fingered? Mentally that’s what was stimulating more for me with the aneros, at least just starting out.

I didn’t get any other noticeable physical stimulation, and I know it’s a journey, but where did all that liquid come from!? Was something working? I’ve never ever had precum like that.



  1. You’re doing it right if there is a lot of precum. Next time try this:

    Get yourself nice and warmed up with a few edges. This will cause your prostate to swell and be much more sensitive. Insert your aneros, squeeze your PC and sphincter muscles about 80%. Slowly release your PC while maintaining your sphincter as best as possible until you feel a fluttering sensation. When you do, hold that tension while taking deep breaths as though you are meditating.

    Keep your other muscles relaxed and you should eventually get some involuntary spasms and/or clenching of various muscles. Just keep repeating this and enjoying time sensations.

  2. I’ve never been fingered before but aneros toys are definitely designed to bend in towards the prostate in the same way that someone would do with a finger inside you. The ‘come hither’ motion is kind of built into aneros toys

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