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  1. Both of them require patience and training to achieve. I’m going to do some assumptions here but I believe a prostate orgasm would be a HFDO and an anal orgasm with be a HFWO (at least from what you’re asking). An aneros ‘tickles’ or massages your prostate subtely, while a hismith (the fucking machines right?) is outright simulating anal sex. Both of them regardless stimulate the prostate to help you achieve your orgasm.

    I haven’t used a hismith but I use a dildo with a suction cup that’s also angled to hit your prostate better and have been able to achieve HFWOs with it, while with an aneros, it’s mostly HFDOs, with the occassional HFWOs. A HFDO is definetely the more powerful orgasm. I haven’t yet reached a super-o but have reached orgasm with it so I can vouch for it’s pleasure, but a HFWO through anal orgasms are also very **very** pleasureable.

    Both of them have their pros and cons. When I want to be ‘fucked’ I’ll use the dildo and cum purely through anal penetration and the orgasm is **always** way more powerful than a traditional orgasm since you can feel it build up for much longer. I use the aneros when I know I have a good amount of free time to spare and want to have multiple orgasms.

    I hope(?) I answered your question but feel free to ask me to clarify some stuff if needed, since I’m still coming down from a high from my aneros session an hour ago!

    TLDR in the sense of powerful orgasms; prostate orgasm > anal orgasm

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