Major progress!

I’ve been playing with the Aneros for about a year, reading in and learning a lot from these forums, but have never contributed. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post, but after yesterday’s amazing session, I just have to share a few useful things I learned. 

First, some background. Before yesterday, I’d had a lot of great sensations, some involuntaries, but no dry or prostate orgasms. Most sessions ended with a sort of supercharged penile orgasm, sometimes HFWO (always a thrill.) Yesterday was my first truly mindblowing, holy shit experience. Here are few reasons I think it was successful. 

The house was empty. Especially during the pandemic, I almost never have time totally to myself. Yesterday, my wife was out of town, and kids were busy all afternoon. I had the house to myself and could really relax and let go, with no time pressure at all. 

Smoked weed. I took three or four deep hits off the vape. It helped a lot, in terms of relaxing and really feeling my body. 

Edged. In the days before the session, I’d watched a good amount of porn, so I was already super turned on and ready to go. 

Exercised. Before starting, I did several sets of pushups, and some long, deliberate yoga poses, with deep stretches and very slow, very deep breathing. It made my body feel alive and really got the blood flowing. Then I got in bed, on my back with knees up, and inserted the Helix. Almost immediately, I started feeling a tickling and a warmth spreading through my pelvis. Within minutes, the first in a seemingly endless series of mini-Os, which had me moaning, stomach clenching, thrashing. 

Visualization. Rather than thinking mechanically or anatomically (sphincter vs. kegel, and the like), I thought metaphorically. First, it began to occur to me that my entire body felt like a cock. Every cell, from the top of my head to my toes, seems lit up, turned on, sensitive to the touch. I closed my eyes and thought about my prostate, and the device: My prostate was a clit, and the device was licking and nuging it gently, methodically. That proved a great way to concentrate and really got me going. The orgasms only got longer, more rapid, more intense.. 

Took breaks. After about a half hour, I needed a break. I got out of bed and, with the device still inserted, did a few more minutes of stretches and another set of pushups. It kind of served as a reset. 

Deep breathing. I inhaled and exhaled in counts of 10. I slowly drew breath, starting at my toes, feeling the breath move up my thighs, through my chest, and into my head. I held it for several seconds, then slowly released it through the middle of my torso and into and around my prostate. I did this very slowly and deliberately, 10 times. By round five, my body was tensing and shaking with every exhale. 

Erotic audio. After another half hour or so, I decided to try something different and cued up a Shibby Says podcast, about getting pegged. She’s very clever and sexy, and following her commands got me super turned on. It was a different way of staying concentrated and blocking distractions. 

Throughout all this, my cock was in various states of hard, soft, in-between and precum was dripping. I hadn’t cum in more than a week and really wanted a release. I started watching porn again, my cock got super hard and I jerked off to a pretty intense orgasm. But I kind of wish I hadn’t. Next time — hopefully there is a next time — I will end the session without ejaculating, just hold on to the amazing sexual energy and see what happens. 

Thanks for listening! If any of you have anything interesting to add, or any tips to help build on this experience, I would be very grateful!


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