Recommended models?

I’m fairly new to the journey. I have a helix syn trident I’ve used on and off for a year.

I saw there is a 20% off sale and want to spend 120-150 on some new models. I’m considering the below products. Please let me know any advice you have!

1) MGX Trident
2) Progasm
3) Progasm Jr.
4) Maximus Trident

Thank you!!!



  1. Lovehoney in uk has 20 percent of aneros plus if you are nhs/ blue light or defence discount maybe a student you get an extra 20 percent off. You also spread the cost over three months too

  2. When I first started with the Aneros, I bounced around between different models regularly. I damn near have every one of them except the Eupho and the Maximus. I wish I wouldn’t have. The model wasn’t affecting things nearly as much as I thought it was. It was more that I didn’t really know what I was doing. Nowadays, I only use my Helix trident and haven’t touched my other models in years.

    If I were you, I’d stick with one model (as long as you are getting some sensation) and then really practice and fine-tune your technique.

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