Do you flex PC with traditional masturbation?

I’ve always wanted to ask this, but I don’t have a close enough relationship to other guys to ask them their favorite masturbation technique.
Since a young age, most often I find myself flexing my PC muscles during masturbation. Do many other guys do this?
This is relevant to the forum because some of the more active (versus passive) techniques seem to involve flexing or maintaining contraction of the PC muscle. I have been making steady progress on my journey and for me, pleasure seems to occur most often with passive techniques. If I try to get my PC muscle involved at all, what I think are involuntaries and pleasurable sensations immediately konk out.
I’m wondering if PC flexion is so closely associated, for me, with traditional orgasm that trying to use the PC during an aneros session messes the process up?



  1. I never did it intentionally, and didn’t even know the relationship with the prostate or the effect it had, but yeah, since I started masturbating I found out that for whatever reason that kinda made it feel better.

    Same with sitting down on something hard, like, a rolled towel or anything hard (without being harmful) that applied some sort of pressure to the perineum area.

  2. I find that when I masterbate, if I relax and not flex, the orgasm is so much better. I cum a lot faster when I flex so when I focus on relaxing, it lasts longer and the orgasm itself is just better in every way. IMHO

  3. I’ve never tried while jacking but now that I have full PC control, a 20% strength hold during a BJ is absolutely amazing.

  4. In my opinion flexing your pc muscles during traditional penile masterbation leads to ejaculation. Why ? You’re creating tension. But if you were to breathe deeply, relax, and slowly creep up close to the ponr and then gently back off that would be better. You’ll start to slowly separate your orgasm from ejaculation. This would be a dry orgasm. Once you learn them you can have as many as you want with no refractory period. The only time I will do a pc squeeze or flex is if I feel I got too close to the ponr. And really now all I have to do is a light one. Then I fully relax in to the orgasm. Practice kegels and pc flexing during the day to strengthen your pc muscles. I wouldn’t do them during a traditional session though. Good luck.

  5. I have actually been thinking about this recently! Since I started my journey in prostate stimulation, I consciously flex it while masturbating even without a toy. I can’t remember now if I used to do it before but I know that I definitely put in more effort in stimulating it while masturbating now and it leads to great orgasms.
    When I stimulate my prostate while masturbating I usually have precum. I used to not have precum often before. I also noticed that when I get really close by masturbating and I stop stroking but continue flexing, I get pleasurable contractions and sometimes even the cum just starts dribbling out instead of shooting.
    That said I haven’t had a p orgasm yet even when using toys and not masturbating but just focusing on the prostate.

  6. I found a very exciting way to alternate between masturbating and sort of flexing.
    I’m not flexing like you would lift weights. It’s more like giving hints to your sphincter and pc muscle that they may contract very lightly.
    Once I do that, it’s like edging but aiming for a-less orgasms. I hope this gives you an idea of what I am doing.

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