Spit as lube?

I just bought a helix trident and I’m planning to use it with a cock ring for my first ever prostate experience. I don’t have any lube and I can’t get one for personal issues; can I still use spit as lube? How do I apply it to the trident? How to I get my hole lubed effectively? Can I also use conditioner or lotion (Cetaphil sensitive skin) as lube as well?

Edit: just heard about cooking oil as alternatives; do these work?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/mtr826/spit_as_lube/


  1. Spit is not good enough. Coconut oil is great. As are any thick anal lubes.

  2. Spit is not lube. It dries up way too quickly and actually dries out skin. Try licking your lips a lot and see how quickly your lips get chapped.

    Unrefined cooking oil is not a good idea either. While some people use them, they can clog pores which can lead to infection around or in your anus. Stick with an anal sex approved lube. I use Isabel Fay.

  3. Saliva tends to evaporate/break up/dissolve quickly and not maintain slickness for very long.
    i recommend Astroglide water based lubricant. I wouldn’t recommend using cooking oil as it attracts bacteria and could slowing degrade the plastic an aneros is made off. If your aneros is made of the rubbery material, oil of anykind will definately damage it over the long run, breaking down the rubbery material.. so don’t use oil or oil based lubes on the rubbery Aneros models *ever*

    One can use saliva, but would have to be re-applied to the aneros multiple times

  4. I used to jerk off with vaseline… Then ride my dildos with it… Never had a problem and it was inconspicuous…

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