I cannot for the life of me find my prostate

At this point I’m convinced that I was born without it or something.

I have literally tried everything I can think of for years: I started with fingers, then dildos, then Aneros, then vibrating toys, then even poppers, but literally nothing works.

I don’t understand how you guys are able to have these mind-blowing orgasms with just the tiniest toys, when I bought a several-hundred-dollar Lelo Hugo, and I can’t even feel any pleasure. When I go in with my fingers to try to stimulate it, I don’t even think I’ve even ever found it. I feel like there was just some elaborate conspiracy at my birth for removing it or something.

My question is to you guys, what do I do? I’ve been patient, I’ve poured a nice sum of money into this stuff, I’ve tried so much stuff for years. Do I just give up, or do I keep looking for other things? Is there a toy or method that I haven’t tried that you guys recommend? What do you guys suggest I do when the Hugo or the Aneros is in there? Sit there and do nothing, or kegel? The more detailed, the better.

I just feel like I’ve been trying for years on this and have wasted a bunch of money for not even the slightest wave of pleasure. I’m really just taking any bit of advice from you guys.


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  1. The first toy I used that really taught me where my prostate is and how it feels when it’s pressed on is the njoy wand.

    Also, you’ve probably heard this, but it’s much more obvious if you haven’t cum in a few days.

  2. > What do you guys suggest I do when the Hugo or the Aneros is in there? Sit there and do nothing, or kegel?

    Without really knowing exactly what you’ve tried already, both I guess. I think you’d do well to try and stop seeking out immediate sexual pleasure and instead try to just feel what’s going on first. At first the sensation is extremely subtle. It takes a while to go from feelings of pressure to the mad waves of pleasure. It’s not like the prostate is a button and when it’s pressed you immediately feel it. It’s something that sort of creeps up on you, especially at first. So, perhaps you’re just focusing or searching for the wrong sensations. As far as more actionable, objective suggestions… try laying in different positions, try different lubes, try doing it with mindgasm.net lessons, try with r/gonewildaudio. I’d also recommend sticking with one “type” of toy (aneros, dildo, vibe, come-hither toys, njoy, plugs, etc) for a bit since the technique involved with them vary pretty wildly. Stay away from vibrators in general. Once you figure out one toy (the sensations really) it’ll probably be easier to use the rest.

  3. I honestly thought the same as you when I was in my early 20s. I had a Progasm and DeVice. Didn’t get much from them and shelved them for toys like plugs. I tried them out again years later with much more success. Here is my advice. I’ll keep it short and you can ask for more.

    I have two options that should find your prostate:

    1. While having an aneros inserted, use a percussive massager (“gun” style.) Try applying it to your perineum (above the tabs), on both tabs, as well as the middle of toy.

    2. This toy is great. It hits my prostate easily. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089LXC3H4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_HP53G7PKSDPWR7MQDF5B?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

    Here are some other general tips:

    -Weed/THC. I’m not recommending it if it isn’t legal in your area, but it really does help. Poppers and/or alcohol can help a bit too.

    -Get yourself good and aroused first. I usually edge a couple of times. This will make your prostate swell up and be much more sensitive.

    -Exercise your PC muscle for a couple of weeks. It is used to move the toy. The more control you have over it, the better.

    -Try out mindgasm.net The general idea is to squeeze down with both your PC and sphincter muscles at about 80%. Then slowly release your PC muscle until it starts to flutter. Once that happens, just maintain the pressure and take deep, slow breaths.

    -Practice meditation or listen to (erotic) hypnosis. The mind state for the aneros is the same

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