Prostate further forward tips?

I have a progasm ice and I can kinda feel some things just leaving it in and following the breathing or muscle exercising people recommend here. But I’ve recently noticed that when I put something like a rolled up towel between my perenium and the tab it feels MUCH better and I can kinda grind my hips and get results.
I think my prostate is just further in than most like towards my penis instead of upwards. Does anyone have any tips or a better model for this? The towel method kind of works but it’s not the most comfortable or practical method.



  1. Well some people say to do that

    I saw if u put a sock on the end of the aneros it will also do the same to make it push higher

  2. I seem to have a difficult time making contact as well. I have a Progasm Ice and an MGX classic. Shout out to u/buttmunky who suggested putting something under the p-tab to change the angle.
    I’ve been using flat cotton discs that are used for makeup removal, etc. They stack well to help fine tune the amount of angulation / the amount of distance between perineum and p tab.

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