Looking for a few ideas for a meditation/self pleasure retreat

Hi there. I’m a first time poster here but have been following the community for some time (I’ve probably got another post or two coming in short order with different questions) but this is my first time reaching out.

I’ve been having good luck exploring all these new sensations and in particular found good results mixing aneros play with my mindfulness practice and some gentle yoga etc. I have some extended alone time coming up and am looking to do at least one day-long yoga/mediation/play “retreat.” I have some ideas for this, but am wondering about whether any of you have done one of these and have ideas about how to structure the flow of that throughout the day, even as specific as what order you think these practices are best mixed, what length of breaks and how often to work them in, ideally for food/bathroom breaks as well. For extended play how often do you take out or swap the aneros to keep the sensations fresh, etc?

If any of you have done something like this before, I’m all ears when it comes to advice you had about what worked and what didn’t, and anything I might overlook.

Thanks for all the positive support here, it’s great to see.

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  1. I would do a deep enema clean early in the day after you’ve passed a bowel movement. I would also do some kind of rigorous exercise like a run or a long walk. This really helps the body to relax.

  2. Measured deep breathing helps me get in the right head space to have prostate orgasms.

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