What’s your technique?

I’m a straight man trying to have pgasm for a number of years on and off and all in secret when I get a free spare hours on my own.
I’ve got a small slim dildo
A longer but still not too girthy dildo
A thick long girthy dildo
A prostate massager
Anal beads
And a few other.

I’ve been putting plenty of lube on and trying to relax and whilst I feel like I may have got close in the past I’ve never actually orgasmed from it.
I’ve had a lot of pre cum leaking which I’m guessing it where the milking phrase comes from but no physical pgasm and I’m jealous of everybody else..

I know I have a good few hours tomorrow so wanted to know your Techniques.. ive seen some people so don’t get yourself all horny (which I have been doing) and just relax .. and other day making sure your horny first so your prostate is swelled..

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Do you masturbate traditionally and ejaculate at the end of your sessions?

  2. In the past I have… When I get fed but still want to orgasm I finish traditionally

  3. i will edge when i can for a few days, sometimes. when i get my chance to play. I will simply just lay on my back, knees up and open. lube and insert. I have an MGX (older one) and on the p-tab,i have a little vibe that I can hook on. the vibe will gently massage my spot. Once i am almost there i will take it away. and re lube. from there i will just flex different areas to a wonderful orgasm. Sometimes i will listen to some gonewild audio. Just to be lost in a story..

  4. The main points for me were abdominal breathing, nipple stimulation and relaxation.

    I always start with at least 5 minutes of deep breathing and focus only on that breath. After a while, the pleasure comes at the end of the exhalation and at the end of the inhalation. This pleasure eventually grows more and more until the first mini-O’s. At this point, I use the caresses on the breasts and nipples to make these orgasmic sensations grow until the most intense dry-O’s.

  5. Try deep breathing. Just focus on the breath for like 5-10 min before doing any contractions.

  6. The breathing advice is very helpful, trying to be as relaxed and aroused as possible and having no expectations of what to expect. Be open to new sensations and let your body follow where they lead, the right mental space is vital to p spot orgasm.

  7. The super O is blocked mostly by my brain… but once my brain focusses on “the mood” it’s all over. The sensations build quick and lead to sensations that are unequivocally different from anything I have ever felt before.

    That being said; I grab a coloring book and crayons, put on some porn with headphones, pop in the aneros, and start coloring. Focus on coloring and your mind and body will guide me from there. Eventually I’ll hear something that makes me excited or I might glance up at the video and see something that gets me. The key however is that I focus on coloring and the coloring book until my brain is no longer willing to because my brain only wants to focus on the porn.

    Also for the record I also use a magic wand while playing. The vibration really helps me and I can’t seem to get the sensations I desire without vibration. If I super O it’s not from direct vibration of my cock or the aneros. I vibrate my thighs just below my balls which causes my entire groin to vibrate.

    Anyway… just what Ive been working with lately on my journey which has been going on for about a year.

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