Can we separate this sub into two categories? (W/stimulants and w/o stimulants)

I am so tired of reading techniques and shortcuts and stuff but with the user doing weed/poppers before hand. That, more or less, completely invalidates any tip and suggestion they have if the reader also doesn’t do weed/poppers.

From what I’ve read, most users are primarily carried by whatever stimulant they use and the technique they use is secondary. Hence, I think a split in this subreddit would really help differentiate what may work and what may not work for curious readers.



  1. Splitting a sub with around 10k members would be a bad idea imo. Also weed isn’t really a stimulant (although it can be for some individuals).

    I see your point tho there are a big fraction of people who have success without weed and if one is observant with reading posts that person can quickly gather all that is required.

    Become the observer / Observing sensations
    Letting go
    Dropping expectations
    Stop comparing it to traditional masturbation

    The addition of weed or poppers can just aid all these processes, but again it is NOT a requirement at all. It’s worth mentioning that caffeine and nicotine are stimulants aswell, although nobody ever mentions them. I wonder why…. cough cough…. Would the use of these substances make reading the techniques invalid for you too? Or is it just the weed and poppers?

    Btw although it might seem that i am a proponent to weed and poppers: i am NOT, at all, especially when it comes to nasty poppers. There are recent studies that show that weed isn’t all that bad as we thought in the past. In fact quite the opposite is true, as it helps balancing the mind/body connections within the CB1 and CB2 receptors of ones brain. Having a balanced autonomous nervous system is a good thing.

  2. Technique always comes first no matter if with stimulants or not. I wouldn’t even say techniques are the biggest part of it it’s just relaxing and noticing the subtle movements. As some one who has super Os with and without stimulants it’s very possible. Are the orgasms bigger on weed yes but there also very good without it

  3. I understand your point, but your post reads like it was created out of jealousy. If you just ask people for advice, they are going to tell you what works best for them. If you want advice that doesn’t use substances, put it in the title/original post.

    It could just also be the case that THC/poppers work definitively better than without. In my experience, the technique is the same, but the feeling is greatly enhanced with THC. So it’s not that this technique only works with weed, but rather, you may not feel the sensations as easily without it.

  4. Maybe we should also split it further for people who use sex toys and those that don’t?

  5. I’m listening to the comments in this thread for sure. Maybe post flairs could solve OP’s concerns? 🤔

  6. Here is how did it. And why I failed the other times. Porn is too distracting, and you need to be seriously relaxed. So to achieve these you may need to do a session 2-3 hours before you wake up normally to still feel the relaxed groggy sleep state, or mediate and stretch right before sleep to feel relaxed. But either way make sure your bowel movements don’t impede your Aneros. Next find a goneWildAudio or use this one by yesNicole called Aneros Enlightenment. That one did it for me. So now you got an audio track and you got relaxed. Follow the instructions and if you can’t reach it within the first run of 40 minutes, loop the track and start again. My issue happened to be that I was not relaxed enough to realize subtly of the pleasure and also I was not contracting. It turns out for me holding a contraction doesn’t cut it and oscillating contractions with breathing excelled me to the next level.

  7. As someone who got to PGASMS with no stimulants (weed poppers etc) and then, to my way of thinking, sort of cheated to get to the Super O using weed and poppers, I reckon this flair marking is a good thing.
    It’s also got me thinking I should ditch the chemicals and take the time to listen to my bodies gentle messages instead of using weed to put things in line by force as it were.
    So – will be taking some time to pick up where I left off before the weed and see where that goes. Because being high (to whatever degree) just feels like a hack to the super O to me.
    Back to school for this sphincter I think, and thanks OP for prompting some good debate.

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