Could use your help fellas!

Hi guys. I’m enjoy reading about your aneros experiences. I’m now in the Aneros affiliate program to promote their products for my podcast Naughty Audio for Men?. But I don’t want to get people to click. I want guys to hear real experiences to encourage them. Would any of you be willing share audio of you having an orgasm while playing with your aneros? I have a couple others and I’m trying to add as many as I can.. You can find it here: []( You can PM me for details, or all you need to do is record the audio and email it to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) **I CAN ALTER YOUR VOICE FOR SECRECY IF YOU’D LIKE.**


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  1. You’re welcome to use the audio from any of my Aneros videos on reedsoaker at PornHub, pm me for mor details.

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