I just had a wet orgasm from THOUGHT / Visualising only? No aneros or anything.

I just had a wet orgasm from THOUGHT / Visualising only? No aneros or anything.

The orgasm feeling started to come up and what happened was it started building ridiculously slow and I ended up on my front with my face in the pillow then I literally half screamed because it was building so slow.
This first orgasm stayed there for a good few seconds. So it felt like a normal orgasm length right? But after I had that… only after them few seconds I actually had a second although it felt like it was all one continued orgasm it didn’t stop to pause but it just carried on and this time ejaculation started coming out which means then it obviously lasted even longer

Somehow It must of built up so slow that I has an orgasm without which then it built up and then it continues with a normal orgasm so it lasted double the time. Not sure if the first was a dry orgasm?

I was scared though because I thought I was going to have some sort of never ending thing as that first orgasm wtf
it felt like it wasn’t going to stop and that it would keep growing more and more or just stay because not only was this at 3am, I also live with people
even the first moaning screams were load
It really felt like it wasn’t going to vanish but because it turnt into a normal orgasm it vanished. However maybe if I would of tried to hold a strong kegal or just had it in my head that I didn’t want to ejaculate
damn maybe it could of stayed longer because if it did
well actually I think it would of been way too much 😂

What should I do though? This is a failure as not only is this nothing to do with what it was teaching, I also got no feelings that everyone describes. It really was just a normal orgasm right? Almost mind only

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/n7nq41/i_just_had_a_wet_orgasm_from_thought_visualising/


  1. Wow that sounds interesting though! Did you get there with kegels or any other internal movement or so? Or just as you describe completely without anything and only with „thoughts“. I had also some kind oft thing starting but it went away quite fast again and no wet orgasm. It was more an internal wave with a very warm feeling around my prostate and then to my toes. It felt amazing. What i did was kegels and clenching the sphincter as well but without a toy.

  2. Interesting, but not surprising. I remember reading some studies back in grad school about visualization regimens helping people shoot free-throws with a basketball and some became quite proficient without ever practicing with an actual ball! How great would it be to drip at will with just your thoughts?! Life would take on new levels of meaning, that’s for sure! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, keep us posted!

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