My adventures so far

Hi everyone,

28 year old virgin here. Thought I’d share my journey that I have had with prostate play over the past two to three-ish months. No guarantee that any of these steps will work for you. it is just my personal experience. Also I really hate labeling super-o’s or prostate orgasm. As I believe some people miss out or not realize they’ve had one. As they expect them to be exactly like other peoples experiences. My reminder to anyone struggling; just go with what feels pleasurable don’t try to label it.

I first got interested in prostate play because I was disappointed that supposedly only women can have multiple orgasms. I was raised in a very conservative religious home so it has taken me a while to discover things. I am still learning sex related things to this day. I came across the fact that the prostate is the male equivalent to the female g-spot. My Interest was piqued but of course it had the taboo of mostly being accessible through the exit only hole. After mulling it over in my head for multiple months and seeing a reddit post about how its natural to pleasure ones self via anal. I went for it.

I had a brief period trying to use household objects and spit. Do NOT do this. One it can be incredibly dangerous and two it has the possibility to scare you off. It nearly did with me; I had one instance of slight bleeding in my case. Because I was using the wrong tools for the job. Be mature, buy toys and lube. After pausing and worrying about my ass. I gave in and bought some cheap plugs and vibrators on amazon. Another sketchy move in hindsight because of the lack of company vetting on amazon.

My experiences with these toys were significantly better but not mind blowing by any means. I felt a little pleasure from being filled up but not much else. I then started focusing more on locating the p-spot as I hadn’t had any luck finding it. I purchased a Njoy wand knock off as many people said it was great at locating the spot. So I used it. I had to put it really far in before I got the peeing sensation; spoilers it was not the prostate but my bladder. I thankfully wised up, reviewed body diagrams and realized my error. I kept reading posts about how you should be able to find it with your fingers. Unless you have a really rare genetic abnormality. Gave it a go with my fingers. Finally found the little bugger. Much farther down than expected; a little less than 2 inches in. Things progressed faster after that.

So obviously I now knew the spot to aim for… I had many sessions with the Njoy knockoff right on it. I do believe it awakened my prostate very slightly. I got the smallest of tingles. But there was a problem. I couldn’t relax with the Njoy wand. It got heavy fast. It seemed to take me a while to get aroused enough to start feeling good. And I had a tendency to go really rough with the wand. Resulting in being sore and not being able to do it as often as I wanted. So back to researching other toys. Then I stumbled onto the Aneros brand of prostate massagers. Specifically the Helix Syn Trident. It was hands free and it didn’t vibrate. I’d already quickly caught on that vibrator toys dulled the prostate. So I pulled the trigger and bought it.

It arrived. I immediately put it to use but had issues controlling it. I didn’t quite understand how to move my pc muscles to get pleasure from it. Mostly because I was doing the sphincter muscle at the same time; so the toy wasn’t moving much. I then saw people mentioning mindgasm. Which is horribly named as it conjures up mystical pseudo-religious bullshit as a first impression. Gave the lessons 1-3 a go with the Aneros inserted. Immediately started to understand how I was able to manipulate the Aneros. A few more sessions and I was experiencing buzzing and an itch where the prostate was; un-inserted throughout the day. I started to focus on that during sessions. Bam, good feelings that were noticeable but they took 30 mins to generate. After that session it was like the Aneros was the only thing that could satisfy the itch down there. Also started doing sessions without the Aneros with some slight pleasure much to my surprise. Note at this point I’m not using the mindgasm session verbatim. Just using the movements that are taught and doing whatever feels good. I had one session where I felt hot all over and a little tingly. It wasn’t particularly intense but felt good. At the time I didn’t realize what this was and I’m still not sure if it was to be honest. I suspect it might have been my first dry-O.

Things were progressing great and I thought: “hey, why not mix things up and get some more Aneros toys?” So I did. I proceeded to get the Progasm and MGX Syn Trident. I of course tried the progasm first because “bigger = better”. Nope, if anything it did less for me than the helix. It left me sore so I had to take a break. I had been doing daily sessions with the helix. So it was frustrating to take a break but was probably a good thing. I needed to realize that I could lose control and become addicted to an extreme. Next I tried the MGX.

So a little back-story. I had tried some binaural beats already. They didn’t do much but give me a headache. Some hypnosis stuff via shibbysays. It was okay but felt like the whole orgasm was too forced and I felt less relaxed. And most of the time I was finishing traditionally via penile orgasm. At this point I still was struggling to keep my hand off my penis.

So this session I quickly glanced at a few nudes, turned on some non-binaural meditation music. And just relaxed. Focusing on feeling everything my body was doing. Using my mind to visualize and listen. Pleasure built up and just stayed at the same level it always had. Then it happened. The pleasure ticked up a level. This was new. I knew I had to not panic and accept it. I kept doing whatever I was doing keeping it constant. 10 minutes later it increased again. And again in another 10 minutes. I hadn’t changed anything; I had kept everything constant with the same motions. At this point the pleasure is intense but not intense. It’s hard to describe. At the time I wouldn’t have described it as intense. But afterwards is a different story. So I just stayed in that state and continued to breathe. I had discovered in a previous session that I would stop breathing which would kill my pleasure. It’s probably an old reflex from my traditional masturbation sessions; I tense up and stop breathing when ejaculating. I stayed in this state for I believe 15-20 mins. But I can’t be sure. then the pleasure just slowly faded. I then noticed I could make it go back up to close to that level again. But I didn’t. It had already been a 3+ hour session, which isn’t abnormal for me, so I decided to quit. Oh man how I regret that. I stopped and cleaned up. I noticed my legs were shaking. I’d had that before but not to this degree. I felt warm, fuzzy, and just content. Then it finally dawned on me I’d most likely just had a super-o. A gentle one yes, with no leg thrashing, super hard contractions, or screaming. But still, when I mentally compare the intensity to a traditional penile orgasm; it is slightly more intense and way way longer.

After that things progressed weirdly. As I then started to try and force that feeling. The way you would a traditional orgasm. Didn’t work. But it did unlock me being able to squirt pre-cum nonstop. I had to be in a bathtub during one session; as I kept on squirting a lot of precum and a mix of urine. I kept at it for like almost 2 hours. Quickly stopping when my lips started going dry. I probably dehydrated myself. I had several weeks of these sessions where I would try to force it and would just get hands free wet orgasms. It’s only been recently I started to get back to how I had intense success. I got too caught up in trying to have “violent orgasms” like others were having. I bought even more Aneros models. Just because I like how each model has its own unique sensation. I tried the euphoria trident model last night and went back to what worked. Boom, 3 hands free dry prostate o’s laying on my back, gently moving it.

Within the last 3 weeks; I can at any time flex my pc muscles and listen to my prostate. I’ll get chills, get hot, have tingles and feel pleasure. It’s wild.

Also, When they say this can change your mindset. They aren’t kidding. I struggled to find myself sexy before delving into prostate play. Now I gently touch myself all over when I am alone. I’m in awe of my own body. it’s given me more confidence.

Got into prostate play out of jealousy. Progressed fast. Had successes. Had struggles. Now just enjoying the ride. I believe it’s an experience more should give a try.



  1. That’s awesome man! I laughed at the part where you can just flex your PC muscles and feel pleasure 🤣

    Thanks for including your “aha!” moment. I feel like a lot of guys, myself included, are looking for help reaching that peak.

  2. Great write up. After 3 years now I have gone through many of the same experiences. One thing that has helped the most was putting a few days off in between my sessions. I think too many sessions ( every day ) can desensitize your prostate a bit. That’s going backwards. Also I’ve done 2 days in a row before. I always notice the second day really didn’t yield much or better than the first. Time to take a few days off and let the prostate fill up again.

  3. When you say your prostate was much further down when searching for it, what do you mean? Do you mean it’s closer towards the exit, deeper into the anal tissue, or something else?

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish you well on your journey!

  5. Wow sounds great! Let me ask a question – how did you find your prostate? With your own finger? Can you explain please how you did that? Thanks!

  6. Great post brother!

    The whole ability to submit to the orgasm is key I think. You really can’t force it. I haven’t played for a few weeks but for me it was being able to recognize the peak approaching and then taking that as my queue to REALLY just step back and surrender. Easier than it sounds. Especially for men who are used to just making out traditional orgasms happen under total control.

    Awesome work and welcome to the club 😉

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