My prostate seems to be dead after long break from Aneros… any help?

Long story short: after a long break (that was because of health problems) I don’t feel anything when using Aneros (helix syn)

So I’ve bought Aneros helix syn in the late 2019 and since beggining I was achieving amazing effects with dry orgasms, mind blowing waves etc… I took then a break ( I think something like 3 months till late 2020) and then I still was having great time using it. I’ve got to the point where I would feel that amazing ‘twitching’ feeling where your ass would literally ask to put aneros in and as soon as I put it in Ive felt amazing pleasure ..

During that year (2020) I was taking med drug called isotretinoin (skin problems) and had worse libido from time to time but it didn’t really affect my aneros sessions , I could had sex the same day and later in the day still achieve great results.

Then I’ve stopped taking isotretinoin (as my treatment was over) and after 2 weeks I’ve had some diarrhea problems that led to problems with my anus because my skin was dry (isotretinoin side effect). I’ve even visited a doctor to check if I’ve got hemorrhoids or something because the little pain and discomfort in that zone was still present and it lasted some time.

Needless to say I’ve had to stop using aneros for like 3-4 months until I’ve fully healed (also had to stop kegels etc). Now I believe everything is ok I decided to try aneros again and I literally don’t feel anything when using it… doesnt matter if I’m horny or not etc. It’s like the prostate isn’t even there – how is it even possible?

I’m kinda worried I won’t be able to feel anything again which seem rather depressing since I’ve learnt how amazing prostate orgasms can be. Does anyone had similar problems?

I hope everything is understandable as English is not my native language.

Any help is appreciated.



  1. Everyone is going to say the same thing: this is normal. Just keep at it and your prostate will eventually reward you again. Don’t get frustrated and just enjoy the experience, as those feelings will eventually come back. This has happened to other users too and the orgasms always return, eventually.

  2. I had a similar thing happen. I would say work on your diet and try to start exercising regularly. I’d also recommend taking L-Cirtuline. That stuff is the shit.

  3. Hey buddy. You and i sound like were in similar spots. Covid has gotten to my mental health and killed my libido over the last 6 weeks or so. I’ve not even really been interested in watching porn or any kind of sex or play. I know it will pass and i will feel 1000% better once things open back up and i can get my arse back into a gym and get my testosterone up.

    All of that is to say that i really wouldn’t stress bud. I am confident that i will be right back where i was with mind blowing PGasms once I’ve got my head screwed back on right. I’m sure it’s the same for you. Do you really think that your body is going to let you forget how to have the best orgasms of your life??? HELL NO! BUT, it is something that you have to be in the right zone for and also there is the muscular component involved with kegels and involuntaries.

    I also second what u/YummyTentacles said about Citruline. I used that in my pre-workout drink and the pump is crazy (which is Nitric Oxide related). Also, big increase with pre-cum production for me when on it (not sure if that’s your thing or not).

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