Aneros and WFH

Glad to find this place, looking forward to participating!

So, my story: I bought the Progasm and a few other prostate toys a while ago but stopped using them a few years back. My libido went to shit and frankly I wasnt getting anywhere with The Big O.

So just before, I was planning on masturbating because I finally had a little while where I’d be the only person in the house. I’ve been wfh since last year, so opportunities for Private Time are minimal. So, before everyone left, I inserted my smaller aneros knockoff in preparation. And, of course, shortly afterwards I jerked off and had a really large cum load, which is always a good thing. Afterward, I took it out and cleaned it.

Then, I came to the thought: What if I started riding my massagers during the work day? Perhaps I could do some kegals and see what comes of it all? So I went back into my little bag of tricks and inserted my Progasm. It’s feeling good when I do kegals and when I rock a bit (although not as comfortable as the knockoff).

Any other pandemic work-from-home types who are trying to get to the Big O while remote reporting?



  1. I do every now and again. Will sit at my desk, insert toy, and then scoot by butt out in my chair with my legs up on the desk. It really lets the aneros move freely in this position.

    Make sure you have something covering your webcam though. It might be tough to explain of you accidentally call into a meeting why you are naked from the waist down with a toy in your ass!

  2. I’m not really trying for — or expecting — a “Big O” during the work day, but I’ve been riding various massagers (Aneros and others) while working from home for several months now. It feels good, adds some interest to the daily routine, and seems to “wake me up” a bit down there. The hard plastic Aneros “trident” models aren’t very practical if you want to just sit up normally in your chair (the “tabs” are uncomfortable).

  3. At it again this morning, although with the Aneros knockoff, as that one is more comfortable to sit with than the Progasm. (Although later, I’ll swap into that one.)

    I didn’t even come close to a p-gasm (and didn’t expect to). But last night, I took some Delta-8 THC gummies to help with sleep. And when laying in bed, I felt as if I could at least “feel” my prostate inside of me, if that makes any sense?

    So, that definitely validates my plan on WFH prostate massage. 😅

  4. Lol, discovering Pplay whilst wfh is one of the very few good things that I will always be able say about this whole covid clusterfuck.

    RIDE EM COWBOY!!!!!!

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