Any tips with Nipple play?

I have seen that a lot of people have had great success with using nipple play to get to super o’s and overall just enhance the experience. I am someone who has not had a lot of experience with this and am just starting out. I feel like I get to a certain point with nipple play and then it starts to hurt, almost like a splinter. Not much, but enough to take me out of it. If I stop for a 30 sec or so and then start again, it is fine. Any tips for getting over this? I have just been trying to push passed it recently but I am not sure if others had this before.



  1. Try a different stimulation technique. It sounds like you are overstimulating which causes increased sensitivity.

    I used to rub in circles, but I switched to gently rolling my nipple between my thumb and pointer finger. The key is slow and gentle stimulation.

    You may also want to try lube, lotion, or oil. It will reduce the friction and therefore the stimulation.

  2. I’ve seem to have really good luck with this. Year and half ago my nipples were pretty much useless and dead. Persistence and practice paid off. Do circles and go slow like what was mentioned. Also use a little coconut oil on them. This help so they don’t get raw or irritated. Try to focus on your sensations. After a while you’ll start to slowly notice sensations in your prostate and an increase in arousal.

  3. Am in a similar boat with nipple play, once the sensitivity rises so much it becomes weirdly unpleasant. Tshirts definitly help to a certain amount but ultimately leads to the same problem. Lube dries out and makes it even worse in the long run since when it dries the friction increases. The only thing that really helped me was to decrease the stimulation, and stretching it out so to speak.

  4. I tend to respond extremely well to all levels of stimulation from extremely light/gentle to very hard and almost painful. I just sort of go with the flow but also take breaks from it in a session or it becomes a little too much and causes soreness. The incredible thing is that it’s almost like the nipples are connected to the prostate and I can feel it all the way down my body to the pspot.

  5. u can stimulate them over your clothes. different material(silky, cotton, thickness etc) offer different sensation, most of the time i found stimulating this way is much more pleasurable.

  6. Not sure if it’s to do with soreness from friction, but I used to love wearing a really thin and soft T shirt when playing with my nipples for a long amount of time. Never got any soreness and actually sometimes felt even better than direct contact.

  7. you really should use plenty of astroglide lube and start very gently;
    and if your nipples hurt you should take a little break, use a very warm wash cloth with a little hair conditioner or calamine lotion dabbed on the warm wash cloth which will help soothe chapped, sore nipples…

  8. So, I totally agree with the wearing a T-shirt advice given by others. For some reason this seems to be more stimulating for me. Without a t-shirt I find that it feels better if I keep constant contact with my nips and just kind of move them around. I prefer it with a T-shirt though. Stroking those puppies in a session really helps amp up the pwaves and involuntaries.

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