HFO sensations

I’m really trying to be aware of the sensations I feel when a dry HFO builds and then happens. The one feeling that I notice is a tingling feeling radiating down the insides of my legs. It starts in my groin muscles and then radiates down the inside of my legs, through the arches of each foot and ultimately to my big toes.

I think it’s really interesting that’s is so specific as to stay on the inside of my legs/feet. I need to learn about the nerves involved in prostate orgasms.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ncb4k5/hfo_sensations/


  1. This is an unusual concept, but there’s something called the cortical homunculus, it’s ‘a distorted representation of the human body, based on a neurological “map” of the areas and proportions of the human brain dedicated to processing motor functions, or sensory functions, for different parts of the body.’

    I think the reason that orgasmic sensations can be felt in the legs and feet is because they are next to the genitals in the area of the brain sensation is processed. It goes genitals > toes > feet > legs and so forth in an unusual order you wouldn’t have expected.

    I can’t say for certain this is why orgasmic sensitisations are felt there, but it would make sense.

    ‘The amount of cortex devoted to any given body region is not proportional to that body region’s surface area or volume, but rather to how richly innervated that region is.’

    Which leads this rather frightening representation, with the size of the body parts corresponding to the amount of cortex devoted to the respective body part:


    I also get sensation in my legs, as well as my head/face at times. I feel like there is likely more this topic than the explanation that I’ve given, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the basis behind the premise.

  2. Wow! Fascinating stuff. Oddly enough, when I first started using the Aneros, I would get the first pleasure sensations at the back of my lower legs. Now some of my toes are starting to involuntarily twitch as well.

  3. Interesting, in many of my sessions I’ve felt distinct sensations of pleasure running down my right leg to my foot. Reading about the homunculus makes a lot more sense now haha

  4. I think our mental wiring is a mystery. To this day I still have no idea how stroking my nipples causes sensations in my prostate. It’s very fucking weird.
    For pgasms, when they are near, I feel a weird wobbly, weak kneed sensation and a sensation that feels like it’s either side of my prostate and kinda running out to my nuts and then blam, prostate contractions/PGasm

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