There are no shortcuts – patience is a virtue..and worth it!

I am at the point where essentially every time I use my toy – helix syn trident – I have multiple hands free dry orgasms, followed by a hands free wet orgasm. I have 2.5 years of experience and this is the only toy I’ve needed.

Without patience you won’t see results. You have to put on the work! That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you do, you will open a world of orgasmic bliss that is truly hard to fathom.

I am able to achieve hands free dry orgasms without a toy. So far, I’m only able to achieve hands free wet orgasms with a toy. Im not sure I’ll ever get there without a toy, but that’s my next goal!

Recently, I’ve been able to consistently orgasm almost as soon as I slip in my aneros. The dry orgasms continue for about an hour. This morning, I counted 24 dry orgasms followed by a hands free dry orgasm. I did attempt a video of the hands free wet orgasm and I’ll try to post that for anyone interested.

I think about the process frequently, I concentrate and focus. It’s almost meditative. The process has been deliberate. I’ve learned a lot about my body – wonderful things! Nothing has been quick or easy. But it’s all been worth it. I hope you will learn the same for yourself!

Semen retention experiences?

I’m not a hard core advocate of semen retention, per se, but I’m learning that there are some fun things about it. Here is my experience.

I’ve always liked a little bit of manual abstinence in order to create bigger payoffs for those times when I do ejaculate. Lately, as I’ve developed an ability to have multiple dry HFOs on a consistent basis with my Aneros, I’ve decided that I don’t want to touch myself to ejaculate anymore. I want it to be a result of either someone making me ejaculate, or a hands free wet orgasm.

At this point, I cannot remember the last time I made myself ejaculate by touching my cock. I ejaculated a couple of times over the past few weeks. The first was a wet HFO at the end of a session. The second was penetrative sex.

The wet HFO felt like the biggest release I’ve ever had. I gushed a river. Usually, a wet orgasm results in about 10 pulses. This felt like at least 20. Each pulse seemed productive but I’m sure a lot of it just felt that way. Regardless, the volume was the highest I ever remember. This was after a few weeks of nothing but dry HFOs.

HFO sensations

I’m really trying to be aware of the sensations I feel when a dry HFO builds and then happens. The one feeling that I notice is a tingling feeling radiating down the insides of my legs. It starts in my groin muscles and then radiates down the inside of my legs, through the arches of each foot and ultimately to my big toes.

I think it’s really interesting that’s is so specific as to stay on the inside of my legs/feet. I need to learn about the nerves involved in prostate orgasms.

Figuring this out – my journey so far

I’ve been using the helix syn trident for about 6 months. My progression was: I’m excited by something new (first couple of weeks) —> hmm, that’s a nice feeling (first month) —> those nice feelings are making my whole body twitch a little – is that in my head? (First couple months) —> are dry orgasms real or is everyone full of shit? I’m really getting impatient…this still feels pretty good though (month 3) —> whoa, I’m getting close but I can’t quite achieve what I’d call an orgasm. It’s like when I feel a sneeze coming on and then for some reason it fades out (month 4) —> holy shit…I think I’m going to cum (mentally high fives self)…finally!…oh, a WET HFO…ok, that was an amazing orgasm but not what I expected…I was clenching too much. Ease up on the clenching! (month 5) —> don’t clench, don’t clench, damn this feels good…DON’T CLENCH!…yes, yes, yes…this feels amazing…orgasmic feelings and clenching of my core muscles…that was definitely a dry HF…oh shit…I’m not done yet…here comes another one…mmm-yes-unfff…and another smaller one…oops, fuck it…I want to cum…clench…clench again…clench…amazing wet HFO (month 6) —> focus on not clenching…this is happening quickly…this is a dry orgasm (after 10 minutes)…OMG…that was amazing…another one? Yes, yes, yes!!! In a two hour session, I counted 20 DRY HFOs! Just incredible and completely satisfying. I have not had a wet orgasm in weeks and feel incredibly satisfied. I don’t think I had what I’d consider a super O yet but it gives me something to look forward to.