Advice for a noobie

Hi, I have been using Aneros Helix Syn for months now, attempting for a handsfree orgasm – yet so far unsuccessfully. I practice kegels regularly, work out a lot, eat healthy and still not there… Basically, I can feel some sensations when I focus on flexing my prostate, but I am clueless about what to do to actually reach the O. I tried so many tactics on this, relaxing my prostate, flexing my prostate(on various speeds) for 10%, 30%, 50%, 100%, holding it on 100% for 20s(kegels), repeatedly. I abstain from masturbation, I tried using enhancing substances, watching porn, listening to ASMR porn… so it is not about me not being horny enough, my testosterone is through the roof…I just try to follow the sensations whenever they start feeling a bit better but they last just a while before disappearing, but I simply cant reach the end.

Also, I have grade 3 bilateral varicocele clearly visible on both testes, so that might affect my endeavor, too.

Will be glad to hear any advices from more skilled than me and from the pros as well

Thanks a lot



  1. Here. This was a big help for me. The best thing you can do as a noobie is educate yourself and do your research. Get on the aneros forums website. Ask the veterans there questions. Take advantage of the search function for your questions. A piece of advice that might help you is try the do nothing method. Just completely and thoroughly relax and let your body do what it wants. This isn’t something you can force like a traditional penile orgasm. Your mind and body need to be fully aroused. Good luck.👍

  2. It sounds like your doing the right things except for “trying to reach the end” you’re focusing to much on trying to reach an orgasm. This is not like a traditional orgasm where you can force it no matter what. Prostate orgasms come to you you can’t be chasing it

  3. They say it doesn’t matter, but maybe try something a little bigger than the Helix Syn, maybe try Progasm Jr or the Progasm, some of us especially in the rewiring process just need a little more stimulation to be able to have enough sensation to focus on and help grow.

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