should I do kegel exercise while aneros is in?

Hey guys, I just got my first aneros today and I am very excited to give it a proper go tonight. Also, I am new to kegel exercises, but I find them quite pleasurable and it makes me wanna train my PC muscle.

Should I do my kegels exercises with my aneros in every once in a while? I’ve just done a few trainings with an app and it felt a lot better than I expected (my hands were trembling and my knees were weak. Never felt that before lol). However, I am afraid if I continue doing this I will neither train nor enjoy the device properly.

I would very much appreciate if you guys could share any thoughts!



  1. You can! The exercises work either way, both in terms of developing the muscles and stimulating the prostate, but they can be crazy-fun with the Aneros in.

  2. Do daily exercises if you can. There is no need for a toy in. These are just simple exercises to strengthen an otherwise fairly unused muscle. You don’t really need the strength to use the aneros, but you’ll want the endurance.

    When I use my aneros, I squeeze down with both my PC and sphincter muscle about 80% of max. Then I slowly release my PC muscle while maintaining the tension with my sphincter. At some point, I’ll hit the “sweet spot” where the toy begins to flutter. Then all I do it maintain this tension while relaxing the rest of my body.

    The longer I can maintain this state, the better it feels and the more the pleasure builds. This is why the endurance is important. You also want to practice finding your sweet spot tension with the toy in. The more you practice it, the easier it will be for you to find it. When you first start, it might take your a while, but don’t get discouraged. See for more.

  3. >However, I am afraid if I continue doing this I will neither train nor enjoy the device properly.

    Definitely don’t be afraid of that. If anything, this is the best way to get a proper feel for the device in the long term.

  4. I typically practice my kegels during the day, but during my sessions I do the ” Do Nothing ” method. No kegels. This made my involuntaries automatically start over time. This helped a lot with my progress.

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