What does the packaging looks like if you buy from Aneros’ website directly?

So, i’m looking to buy my first ever Aneros. Amazon doesnt have anything in stock right now in Canada, so i’m looking into Aneros’ own website directly.

How’s their packaging? I tried looking on google/this sub, but there wasn’t much infos about it.
I read somewhere that they had like plain brown boxes with “High Island Health” or something like that on it, is it still the case? Also, does international shipping (US to CAN) add any compromising text on the boxes?
I don’t want to end up with a box written “Prostate massager – sex toys” on it as i’m not living alone and I don’t really want to expose what i’m using to my roommates haha.

I’m not sure if you can ask that kind of question on this sub, but it seemed the best place to do so, since y’all are like the Aneros pros. If this doesn’t belong here, dear mods, feel free to remove my post. Thank you if anyone has an answer (and/or any recommendation of products, while we’re here) :))

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  1. Mine have shipped in the plainest brown boxes I’ve ever seen. The return address has usually been a shortened “HIH” as well. You’d honestly never know what was in them.

  2. mine came in a very generic envelop with no labels or colors or anything

  3. I just got one today. The outer box was plain as can be and was sent from High Island Health. I didn’t know what it was because it slipped my mind that it was about to arrive. My wife brought it in from the mailbox. As soon as I opened it I knew exactly what it was. The actual product box has Aneros in bold print. A nice looking package. It would have been a huge deal if I had to tell my wife about it but it’s a conversation I didn’t want to have today as I was on my way out the door.

  4. Mine was in a plain generic box and it was wrapped again with a black plastic bag on the inside. It’s amazing that Aneros double wraps their orders

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