What the actual fuck

Holy shit man

Bought a progasm yesterday, tried it last night and was disappointed. Today, it was different. I was in my bathroom, with the shower running I was watching porn for like an hour and getting nowhere and so:

I got in the shower, leaned forward against the wall and stuck my butt out and then **holy fucking shit**

Never in my whole life have I ever felt anything like this. I literally felt like I was having a seizure, I actually saw stars. Dude it looked like I was tap dancing like everything was shaking. I’m lucky I didn’t slip. Everything just was spasming and boom

It HAS to be a super-O

Here’s the batshit part about this:

Immediately after this orgasm, I turn around and start violently vomiting. For like 2 minutes. Did this ever happen to ***any*** of you? Honestly worth it tho. My theory is maybe that literally everything in my body clenched up and contracted in that moment. Maybe including my stomach? Lmao.

It wasn’t what I was expecting. That said, I’ve felt high all afternoon. Holy shit I expected to take months to get to this. 3 hours later I still feel like I’m having little mini orgasms here and there. I’m twitching like I have tetanus. It’s insane

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  1. I am in awe

    This little piece of plastic, man

    I gotta pace myself, I’ve had it in for a short period of time 2 or 3 times. I feel like another is coming tonight, my prostate is SWOLLEN

  2. That’s inspirational for me. I’m about to shower and then, afterward, time to insert the Progasm. We’ll see what happens tonight!

  3. I got one too … i feel the pleasure but never had such strong orgasm like you guys have. Quite disappointed… what kind of Progasm did you get? I got the red one when it’s on sale

  4. Ok,
    I’ve been using aneros for over 4 years and never vomited after using one or during a session. I think you should check to see what you ate or drank before hand. It *could* be a sign of food poisoning
    Did you drink beer or other beverages with alcohol in it, or did you ingest several “Edibles” with high levels of THC? If so I recommend not doing that before an aneros session

    I also recommend that from now on to have an aneros session on a mostly empty stomach and not drink anything a few hours before a session, also it’s best to do an aneros session relaxing comfortably on a bed,
    either on lay on one’s side or on one’s back with a pillow under the butt and legs partially bent up and to breath in and out and get into a totally relaxed state and get “in snyc” with the sensations of the aneros pressing on the prostate

    Typically a person *should* not vomit up after having dry orgasms triggered by an aneros tapping up against one’s prostate.

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