Yoga pgasms

Question for the Yogi’s out there, when you were re-wiring, did you experience random coregasms?

I have had a handful of orgasms from core work before, but this is different. I’ve had some success with my helix, and Lately I can’t get through yoga practice, the routine I’ve been doing for over a year, without having an orgasm or two!! Good ones too, but it ruins my flow if you know what I mean…water and cleanup break time.

What gives?



  1. Never a pgasm, but I’ve experienced a-less p-waves, especially during shavasana after a session.


    On the other hand, someone once suggested the child’s pose for the aneros and I can only recommend it!

  2. Had hip injury during crossfit, resulted in imbalanced posture and constant tension in pelvic areas leading to partial ejaculation disfunction. Some concentrated light weight lifting and stretching with aneros greatly helped me relaxing my muscles.

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