Contracting muscles yes or no

I’ve seen a few different discussion of this but none seem to be definitive. I imagine it is different for each person as well but-

Do I contract my pelvic floor at all or any muscle for that matter?

Or do I simply just relax and breath and regular breathing is want most the Aneros to stimulate the prostate?



  1. I’m yet to have my first proper orgasm but I’ve made good progress, your muscles should clench a little in response to a toy being in there and also in response to arousal. This isn’t a conscious process for the most part

  2. I still need to find the optimal clenching for me. My sessions so far involves clenching/locking my butt while lightly contracting my PC muscle.

    When I contract and hold my PC in about 50%-70%, after some time it starts twitching and pulsing. When this happens my sphincter starts doing involuntary contractions and the aneros hits my prostate real good.

    I did not achieve a wet orgasm with aneros yet. However I did achieve a few full body handsfree dry orgasms by contracting, clenching and holding. After the full body starts I have no idea what I am doing though.

  3. So at first it is so confusing. You see all of these tips and tricks and have expectations on what you want including flexing exercises and what not. It is not something you can get a straight answer on no matter how hard we try to help you here. I think the most important thing to do is get so relaxed with headphones or whatever else you need to do that you’re 100% focused on every little tiny sensation that goes on down there. If something feels uncomfortable in any way it can throw you off. The thing that taught me the most is giving up on “trying” to make anything happen. Instead make up your mind that you’re going to enjoy everything that happens with that toy inside of you. It is really important that you enjoy every single second of what youre doing. What i’ve learned is that its an almost spiritual unexplainable connection between your mind and prostate/anus that makes things happen. All of the flexing and other stuff are just tools that help you discover the little sensations and feelings that you need to understand for your body to take control like you want it to. I didn’t understand this until i checked out []( Honestly at first i thought it was mumbo jumbo, but after last night- I’m like a crusader for that site. I haven’t paid for the advanced stuff, but even just the first 3 lessons teach you SOOOO much if you open your mind and follow instructions with no expectations. The biggest roadblock is the expectations and urge to get that feeling. We are so used to getting horny and having that statisfaction of orgasm. We know exactly how to make our body do it. This is like a wild animal inside of you that you can tame over time, but never completely. All you can do is leave it a trail to follow and hope it likes you enough to do so. Good luck man.

  4. I don’t clench at all. For me, it’s all about breathing.

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