1. What is the best aneros to use to prevent soreness around the butthole? Lengthy use creates a problem… any guidance would help all..

  2. Do you have photos of the mod? Would love to see how you did it/outcome.

  3. For future reference, it looks to be a Helix Trident, not the syn . The syn is black and silicone. Nice job though, ive been curious about cutting them off but know I would mess mine up

  4. If it continues to give you wonderful orgasms, it’s good for you.

    In my experience, the P-tab is important and very often add a lot of pleasure to the orgasm. This is why I don’t recommend to cut it. I do 2 sessions per week and the potential discomfort from the P-tab, at the beginning, disappeared after a short time. It’s like when you learn to play guitar, for example. After some practice, your fingers doesn’t hurt any more.

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