Massage fail

I go for a massage about once a month, registered therapist, no funny biz. Half way though I’m face down and she was working my hips and and things start happening ….I’m squirming around, trying to stop myself from getting turned on and I guess she thought it was a bad knot and just kept working it. Next thing I know I’m having an orgasm, just couldn’t stop it.

She asks if everything is ok, and I’m horrified. I explain and apologize, she brushes it off and finished the session on my shoulders.

I feel like I cheated on my partner. Has anyone else had this happen during a massage? And what do you do when it happens?


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  1. I had? the most intense full body orgasm while getting a massage once.. at least I thought I did and I was thoroughly embarrased, but I barely leaked.. it was so intense and the warm feeling/afterglow had me thinking I pissed myself when it happened it was that intense.. I think she knew something was up because after that she started getting real close — accidentally? brushing against places they aren’t allowed to touch.. after that I started wearing plugs and either they notice and don’t say anything.. but they never stopped me..

    haven’t been back since covid started though… was thinking bout going back and working up the courage to wear a chastity cage.. not sure if a good idea though 🙁

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