Something happened….

Since I’ve got so much out of everyone else’s progress reports, it only seems fair to post my own, since I actuall had some…

So last night was different, currently I’m not sure what I did to make it different.

For some background, I’ve been using Aneros toys for a few years now, I love the idea of multiple dry Os, and the Super O just sounds amazing, but I’ve not been successful in any of those. I have managed HFWOs, but calling them Hands Free seems a bit much TBH given the amount of vigarous perinium massage that’s required…

So my plan was to get an early night with the MGX in an see what happens, with a goal to feel something new, but not planning to push for the big O. No expectations, and a specific plan that I wasn’t going have a normal orgasm afterwards.

I had some nice sensations, tried a few different positions, I didn’t manage to get any involuntaries going. After about an hour and a half I switched to the progasm to see if that would change anything.

Then I had the same again. Nice sensations, nothing new or extraordinary. I started trying to push out an HFWO for a bit, but then decided to stop as it’s not really what my goal was here.

By then I was getting pretty sleepy, I decided I’d stop shortly, and that’s when it started.
I had the same nice tingly feelings in the prostate area as before, but I found that focusing on my breathing could help them grow, whearas previously it’s maintain them for a bit, then they’d drop off. They grew a bit and I started got get muscle spasms, to start with in my arms and legs, but then more frequently in my chest and ass muscles as I felt like I was invulntarily thrusting.

The whole thing was very intense, but the pleasure hadn’t grown much. Also I found that there seemed to be some kind of innate knowledge of how to maintain it, the right level of breathing, thrusting, etc, whenever the more analytical side of my brain switched in and tried to work what I was doing (mainly I was thinking i have to remember this so I can try it again) then it all started to subside.

There was also some confusion as to if the movements were involuntary of if I was chosing to do them, but I’m putting tht down to lack of experience with involuntary actions (I’ve never had much luck making them happen)

Does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced? Of do did you move on from here? Did it become more pleasurable for you?

I know everyone says being ni the moment, with no expectations is key, and I feel that this may have been the first time it all started to work for me 🙂



  1. That sounds very similar to my journey.

    Especially the part where you asked yourself if it was actually involuntary or if it’s something I’d “secretly” produce myself. Was in a similar boat but ultimately moved on from there as it does not matter one bit to know if it’s you or if it’s you. Get what i am saying? 😉

    Then you described something that i feel like is the turning point in basically everyone’s journey. The part where you talk about innate knowledge. You stated that once your analytical mind regained dominance the feelings suddenly halted, decreased or vanished entirely. This is very relatable, once this analytical mind disappears for a while, the feelings reach heights that are indescribable; then you come back to the analytical mind and the feelings vanish. I can tell you that once you get better at reaching that point it won’t take you that much time in another session. But the problem with gaining this specific knowledge is that you try to make your analytical mind shut up, and this will not work. At least it didn’t work for me. I always call this phenomenon “letting go”. Now what does that mean? To me it means fully surrendering to the experience itself, to be fully in the moment, stripped away from the ego illusion. Once the ego regains the dominance; you start over. Still happens to me a lot but with repetitive things, eventually we get better. The more you reside in this blissful state, the more intense the sensations become. Ego, or analytical mind is responsible for the exiting that state.

    Congratulations on your progress btw. It’ll only get better 👍

  2. Had some of those weird muscle spasms once in my body, but they felt as if they were from the inside on my bones. Then got excited and they went away

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