Different techniques with different models?

I current have the helix trident and the Progasm and I haven’t had much luck recently with the trident. I have had all of my full body contractions with the Progasm. I was wondering if people used different amounts of clenching or other techniques depending on which model they are using. Many people often give advice for what they do but I wonder if their advice would be more accurate or helpful if it was the same model.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/nuib8r/different_techniques_with_different_models/

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  1. My two toys are also the Helix trident and the Progasm. I started with the trident and to me that seems like an amazing learning tool. In order to feel pleasure, you really need to train the muscles so that they can begin to develop a mind of their own.

    The Progasm on the other hand I got about 5 months later, and it was instantly a hit. It’s like the muscles are well trained down there now and they just kinda grind against the fullness feeling of the Progasm. I didn’t think I would use the trident much after that, but I Was very wrong. I went back to the trident and it reached much higher levels of pleasure and more often than compared to the Progasm.

    I think a lot of it is luck, but I would definitely give more time to the trident if you can, it’s an amazing learning tool.

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