Side lying for first time – not too shabby

Tried the helix syn trident on my side today vs laying on back with feet on ground. Definitely a different series of sensations and although it ended in a HFWO again as in the past, I felt like the waves leading up to it rolled a little more easily. Nipple play was huge for getting things to really connect as well. And after a 10 day hiatus, there was a giant pool of cum after those warm tingly sensations took me over the edge.



  1. I’ve found out that lying on my side produces better results and a more enjoyable session overall.

  2. I’m going to revisit mine shortly. I’ll try on my side, I think.

  3. How do you lay on your side? Do you have one leg bent and the other straight, both of them straight or both of them bent kind of curled up in a ball?

  4. Side lying is how I got started! That was the most consistent way for me to feel sensations initially. Now, I’m predominantly on my back with legs flat on the bed and spread open.

  5. Is your dick normal or between your legs? I’m trying to figure out how to get a wet orgasm. I can only have dry

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