What’s been your setback when trying to get to the Super-O?

When using my helix syn, I have tried using porn off and on over the years. It gets me really excited but never really helps with prostate orgasm. Sometimes the temptation to just cum normal is too much and I cave.

So porn has set me back overall and not useful mainly because I have a porn addiction as is.

Anyway, I think I have a good plan this time.

I will use porn before helix is in just to get me going and excited. Then put helix in and then set a timer for 25 mins.

I think it will work and I’ll finally start getting results.

What’s been your setbacks when trying to get to the super o?

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  1. If the porn doesn’t hold you back, then your mindset will.

    If you’re goals orientated and/or are associating your normal ejaculation with the aneros session then you will find it really hard to reach high levels of pleasure.

  2. Setback isn’t the word I would use; allow me explain: I’m not trying for a super-O. I break the usual rule and stimulate my penis during and will go to an orgasm when I’m done. So I enter a session knowing it will feel good and don’t bother worrying about what type of orgasm I’ll have. (It may be worth noting I apply copious amounts of lidocaine and/or benzocaine to my penis a couple of hours before a session and I use a percussive massager to stimulate myself so I feel the vibrations on my prostate more than my penis.)

    I have a variety of toys and switch up what I do based on how I feel as opposed to repeating the best results over and over. Sometimes I use a lovense prostate massager that is controlled by a software program to match what is happening in an erotic hypnosis. This is done with my eyes closed and is very relaxing. Sometimes I pop in my Progasm and syn Trident at the same time and watch porn on a SBS VR headset while using the massager on the tabs and base of the toys (this is super intense.)

    I’ll keep stimulating even after an ejaculation and still experience pleasure. I’ve had mental “orgasms” just from fantasizing about being a submissive slut for an imaginary partner (dopamine and serotonin rush without any physical orgasmic feelings.)

  3. First off, for p-play I think the type of porn matters. I use porn (mostly) consistently with my sessions and I’ve noticed that the type of stuff I watch has changed towards what I would consider less-traditional… like less explicit penetration and more implied/sensual/softcore for example. Some stuff works for p-play, a lot of it doesn’t. There’s a fine line but you can find it if you look for it. …I don’t mean to encourage your addiction though, that’s a separate issue.

    Secondly, I think you shouldn’t make such hard and fast rules for yourself and instead learn how to listen to what your body/mind is telling you instead. It takes time to learn what works for you so take the time to figure it out instead of “guess & check”ing with arbitrary rules for yourself. If you aren’t being self-reflective then you’re just wasting your time. Some days you might need some porn and some days you might not, it’s better in the long run (for porn usage and other things) if you can figure out when you need what, and when something isn’t working and adjusting as necessary.

  4. I think my biggest hurdle was my own mind. After reading about aneros and the immense pleasure people associated with it, i began chasing it, reading way to much about technique/what to do/what not to do. So overanalized every single bit, instead of actually just enjoying the sensations for exactly what they were. Because really, the toy is rather simple and the only “trick” one needs is to stfu (their minds) and enjoy it.

    And i honestly feel that’s the biggest hurdle for loads of other people too. They all wanna label every tiny sensation they get “was that a pwave?” “Was that a super-o?” “How hard should you contract?” “How much precum am i supposed to leak?” “Was this a prostate orgasm?”. The list goes on and on and on.

    Finally just pretty ignoring the need to label everything and stopping the chase was what brought a deeper wisdom and understanding to the entire process. From there with each successful session it became more intense.

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