1. Once ejaculation starts, there is no way back, thus it’s generally called “the point of no return”. Mantak chia has loads of books, so you might wanna be a bit more specific. But i can tell you that prostate orgasms are absolutely doable with just penile stimulation. I know it sounds weird, but i experienced both and they feel the same.

    Aneros does not teach anything, as it’s a piece of plastic from a company that has the goal of earning money via selling it. The skills that are described in their wiki, yes it is very similar but mostly targeted towards users of prostate toy users. Mantaks lessons are (if i am not mistaken) primarily targeted at users who use their penis to perceive pleasure.

    But yes again, MMO via penis play can absolutely be very similar, if not identical to prostate play. The lessons are easily transported over into every scenario as they all fulfill the same purpose: to teach relaxation through meditation and mindfulness, awareness of your body and ultimately to feel energy all around your body as a full body orgasm. All lessons are pretty viable and valuable, I’ve learned a lot from the multiorgasmic man

    Being Multiorgasmic allows you to control your ejaculation at will (although accidents happen from time to time). But when in good focus you can have sex as long as you desire.

    On a sidenote: the problem with penile super-os is that you have to be careful to not ejaculate, and with prostate play, that part is by far easier

  2. I’ve learned MMO and I now have two new skills I use in sex. The first is Aless or hands/toy free kegels to prostate orgasm. I often do this prior to or during foreplay. Prior to in order to get me really horny and wet with precum. My wife loves precum play so the wetter I am the wetter she gets. I also really enjoy doing kegels during foreplay. During hand jobs. During blow jobs. Kegeling while being blown is amazing. My wife has noticed how swollen my taint gets and she will massage that (no insertion) during play now which sends me to the moon.

    The second new skill is multiple ejaculation. Since I’ve mastered my prostate I can now get to ejaculation without orgasm. Some will call this a ruined orgasm but it’s not really ruined because after I ejaculate (which feels amazing) I am still hard and can keep going and do it 4-6 times. Until I empty my seed without orgasming. I like to eat my cum and it turns her on so now I can cum somewhere on or in her. Eat it during my required “cool down” minutes, and then get back to work.

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