Am I doing it right?

I recently purchased an aneros helix, and even going in knowing to not touch my penis, not expect anything mind blowing from the start I still want to check in if I’m on the right track. I’ve been putting it in with the bumpy side pointing towards the front of my body. Then I’ll just leave it for a little while to get used to it being inside me. I’ll do things to turn myself on (still not touching myself) then begin doing things to subtlety move the toy. I feel like I don’t get a lot of feeling from clenching, so I could use some advice on that. I think it feels best when lying on my side and grinding my hip into my bed. I feel like this causes a little bit of movement and I feel something but I’m still not sure I’m hitting the right spots. After doing that for a little bit I began feeling a very warm light feeling in my legs, and the ends ofy body but not very strongly in my torso or crotch. Sometimes my body would involuntarily clench on the toy as well.

This warm feeling would come and go for a few minutes but I had to stop not long after. When I finished I had a lot of precum in my underwear, do it was kind of thick but still clear. I’m writing this now a couple hours later and feel a little bit of soreness in my abs. How many times per day is it okay to use an aneros? What signs should I look for to tell me I’m on the right track?


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  1. I’d recommend checking out the lessons. They should help steer you in the right direction. You can do them with or without the aneros in. Also make sure you read the wiki, it should describe sensations and milestones well enough to point you generally in the right direction.

    > How many times per day is it okay to use an aneros?

    I think it depends more on how long it’s in and how hard you’re clenching it. Listen to your body. If things get sore… or even if it just isn’t feeling good… then stop.

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