1. There are numerous people that have the exact same problem as you do, with their own posts asking the same thing. Maybe you should use the search function and dig through them.

    Not sure where you got the “heavy breathing” from but imo that’s totally wrong. One needs to be relaxed to perceive these sensations.

    Contractions are also not a requirement, although it is very obvious that some people have success with them, maybe try to avoid it.

    The do-nothing method, although it seems weird to say is not as easy as it sounds. In fact doing nothing is one of the hardest skills to master. Highly doubt you mastered it within the short time.

    To provide a little more context: relaxation is very key to success. Look into meditation techniques, such as body scan.

    If you are just looking for some quick fix, I’ll have to disappoint you. Aneros is a long journey, so patience is your friend.

  2. The one technique that works the best for me is the rolling wave technique, which requires you to learn how to separate the sphincter and the PC muscle, and then utilize them in a particular way to create sensations. But doing this, aside from the contraction pattern alone, requires at least two things: Finding the exact level of strength applied to the contractions along with the speed, which is really not much at all. And this is something beginners may not realize. They contract too hard and/or too fast. Doing that won’t do anything at all whatsoever. And the other thing, is that you really, really, really need to learn how to relax both body and mind, yet still maintain focus, and not just falling asleep.

    So, to really master this takes some practice. For some it works in a few hours time, for others it takes years. And yes, it is worth it.

    Familiarize yourself with the Aneros Wiki, read key posts, search, spend time reading. Don’t be impatient. Don’t rush.

  3. The first time your almost guaranteed to feel nothing. My first time like you I felt nothing in fact for the first few weeks to months I rarely felt anything pleasurable. You have to just keep practicing and really listening to advice. Like when people say to relax understand you have to relax like you never have before. Your prostate has most likely never been worked so it at well as you have to learn the subtle sensations. Don’t go into session expecting anything just do it because you want to.

  4. Gotta read all you can, gain understanding from advice people have written… and do the work! Session after session, it will take… no instant gratification here… looking for the instant Orgasm after you stick it in? Forget it… took me years of practice and disappointments… do the work… and good luck

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