1. I just got mine about 2 weeks ago and it was the 20th anniversary edition of the Progasm. I ordered it online from Pinkcherry which is a big volume retailer here in Canada.
    I don’t know if it’s for a limited time only. It’s still being advertised on the Aneros website. If you search “new Progasm “ on the Aneros forum you’ll find reviews comparing with the older version. I think the main difference is a narrower girth at the tail end to prevent the toy from being expelled during orgasm and the removal of the protruding tab at the center of the toy ( not the k tab which is the one that fits between your butt cheeks).

  2. I ordered mine yesterday straight from Aneros and they shipped it out this morning. As the others have stated, check their Forums where the changes are discussed.

    I doubt it will quit being sold…I’ve bought from them for almost 15 years at various times, and they do modify and upgrade their products and change shapes, tabs, and added in the Syn versions based on feedback from users.

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