1. I found the quality of the sessions greatly increased after shooting lube inside and started to get brand new feelings (obv before was not slippery enough). Almost as if the aneros is rotating / moving / spinning inside feeling

  2. I have tried using aneros both ways, and have found the kind of lube to be more important than shooting extra lube. I find Sliquid Silk to work great on both silicone and non silicone toys, and to be extremely long lasting, slick and thick. That and using a plain water bulb enema to clean the rectum completely makes for consistently good results, for me at least.

  3. Personally I prefer organic natural oils such as castor, sesame or almond. The chemicals in commercial lubes (check out the ingredients) get directly absorbed into the body, and natural oils work just fine for me, and they nourish the rectal tissues.

  4. Since the action of pushing any toy up through the anal sphincter is going to rub off most of any lube put directly on the toy, prelubing by using a shooter will not only ensure there is plenty of lube and that it will last for a longer time, but it also reduces any mess or staining by minimizing the amount of external lube.

    I’ve tried both without and with a shooter, and won’t go back to without ever again.

  5. I don’t know about vital, but I would say it has a huge positive impact

  6. Also if you worried about shooting up inside…. you can use coconut oil… it goes into a hard form when at room temp… can put little pieces up and it melts once inside at body temp

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