Prostate sensitivity and desensitization

So, I wonder what the general consensus, if there is one, is on how long one should rest without any sexual activity, to have a possibly desensitized prostate return to top-form?

I would like to give my prostate some rest, but two weeks ago, it really started to get active, and I’ve only managed one or two days of no sexual activity here and there, before it starts to buzz and tingle again.

Today was supposed to be rest day #2, but two hours ago my prostate just went nuts and said “NOW!”, and I caved in. Laid down in bed, no toy or anything, just relaxed, and everything kept building up on its own, and coming and going in waves with increased pleasure over time.

Still nowhere near where I was several years ago, but there’s constant progress. And I felt that I was pretty damn close to where it just explodes into overdrive.

I’m trying not to ejaculate for at least a month, and want to have 4-5 rest days at the very least but it seems a little difficult right now. I know that when your body wants it, it will tell you, but I want to optimize sessions for best possible results.

How long then should I wait to have everything return to “default”?



  1. you know that feeling with empty balls after you nut?

    you want that place to feel “full” if you want maximim prostate arousal.

    Kind of like getting a special move/power in street fighter when the bar is all charged up lol

  2. I’ve been at it for 3 years now. For me I found twice a week is perfect. I have tried 2 days in a row and I can tell you most of the time the second day is not as good as the first. But if I put a few days between my sessions they’re pretty good and they continue to get better in intensity. Not to mention my arousal is higher as well.

  3. That “NOW!” feeling is what your looking for. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your last nut. Always be on the lookout for your prostate calling you to action.

    I used to abstain for days, weeks, months. I’m into the whole chastity thing… In my experience, I will get more horny when abstaining, but only to a point. After 5 or so days I basically plateau and gradually lose sex drive after that 5 day mark.

    Remember, every body is different. I am playing almost every night now and I can get awesome pleasure each time. Next week I may have no interest at all. I’ve had super Os just hours after having sex. I’ve also tried playing after abstaining for a week and felt absolutely nothing.

    In short, the key is to listen to your body and respond when it asks!

  4. > my prostate just went nuts and said “NOW!”

    For me, nothing is more of a sure sign of a successful session is to come than that signal from my prostate. Here is another post that links to this idea of “waiting for the whisper”

    I think it’s a case by case basis on how long to abstain. For me, there seems to be a sweet spot between some build up or anticipation, and waiting too long and falling out of practice (coming back to prostate play and feeling like a noob).

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